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CCCMB-Site Priorities

Help define the direction for the Technology team and the CCCMB.ORG site.

  • Easily Updated web site.  Non-techie should be able to update
  • Increase the appeal and the draw of the site
  • Link to forum and mailing list opportunity.  
  • Provide information on project successes
  • Provide information on upcoming projects
  • Encourage buy-in and volunteerism through success stories
  • Increase conversion rate from visitors to volunteers
  • Capture Institutional Knowledge about trail building and networking within the community
  • Education portal for crew leaders and members
  • Photosharing about CCCMB events
  • providing trail and ride information for local trails
  • Track volunteer hours
  • Enable signup for volunteer events and notifications
  • Provide education on trail use, etiquitte
  • share information about how we built the website and how to build your own
  • Wants and Needs list for the organization