Bells 4 Bikes

Borrow a bell - Make some noise! 

Grab one at the top of the trail.  Attach it to your ride. This helps to alert 
others as you approach. 
After enjoying our trails, leave the bell in any Bell Box at the bottom. OR...

If you keep it to reuse - Please donate below 

Donate below, to PayPal or by credit card. Thank you!

4 Bucks for a Bell
Larger donations to help keep Bells 4 Bikes
operational are highly appreciated
Checks accepted at
CCCMB Bell Donations
P.O. Box 1022
San Luis Obispo, California 93406

Borrow a bell and make some noise to alert hikers/bikers/equestrians

There are "Bell Boxes" at the bottom and top of many area trails

Use a bell - Help open new trails!

Contact if your group wants to know more about  
purchasing bells or starting a program.

About the Bells-4-Bikes Program

In 2010, Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) initiated its bell program at Montana De Oro to help address the issues surfacing because of greatly increased trail use. Trails at MdO have always been multi-use trails very popular with equestrians, hikers as well as cyclists.  As these trails became more popular, CCCMB decided to be pro-active in addressing the nascent but growing potential for trail conflict in order to protect open trails from closure and to ensure that land managers would approve the creation of new mountain biking trails.  

CCCMB soon expanded its bell program to include SLO City multi-use trails for the same reason.  Both State Parks and SLO City are very supportive of the bell program.  We believe that if equestrians and hikers can hear approaching mountain bikers, there would be more time for all trail users to meet safely.  Subsequently, CCCMB built and installed Bell Boxes at the trailheads of select trails at Montana de Oro State Park and in two of the San Luis Obispo Open Spaces. These trails were selected with an eye for their high conflict potential, as well as the receptivity of the local land managers.

The boxes were stocked with size #00 cowbells embossed with the CCCMB logo and included a velcro strap. Subsequent donations from community bike shops and trail user groups permitted us to create donor-labelled batches of bells for distribution and passive advertisement for our supporters.

Bells can be obtained from these shops:

San Luis Obispo
Art's Cyclery 
Cambria Bicycle Outfitters
Flanders Bicycle
Foothill Cyclery 
Riding Warehouse
Wally's Bicycle Works

Santa Maria
Pedal Power

The Bell Box placards encourage riders to borrow a bell and attach it to their bike. We ask that the bells be returned to the Bell Box and/or be kept for use on subsequent rides. An option for internet donation to help support this project is referenced on the placard because of the large number of bells needed to keep this project ongoing.
Feedback received from local hikers and equestrians has been very positive and supportive of this program.  Generally speaking, humans hear the bells a few hundred yards away; horses can hear them from a distance of a ½ mile or more.

The Bell Box Program has raised the awareness of all trail users and resulted in improved, courteous interaction between local trail users.  CCCMB feels that this has helped maintain trail access in locally notorious areas of traffic. Most importantly, the receptivity of local land managers to the Bell Box Program has indicated that more trails will be open to bicyclists as our trail system expands!