Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers is a San Luis Obispo County, all-volunteer, non-profit organization. CCCMB is a chapter of IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association). Membership funds cover the majority of our annual budget. Because there is strength in numbers, a growing membership empowers us when dealing with federal, state and local land agencies, governments, and various legislators.

If you join as a new member or renew your existing membership, you will now automatically enjoy being a member of IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association). Basic annual membership is $35 for individuals, $50 for the whole family. This membership fee is shared between CCCMB and IMBA.

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CCCMB became an IMBA Chapter in December 2012 after having been an IMBA affiliate since 1988. Our focus on expanding our local multi-use trail system and on trail etiquette and sustainability has always gone hand-in-hand with that affiliation. We intend to maintain that focus as a Chapter. 

Becoming an IMBA Chapter allows CCCMB some of the benefits of the economy of scale. The club has become big enough that organizational issues like membership management and recruitment, financial record keeping and liability exposure require a significant amount of our volunteer resources: resources that we would prefer to invest in doing trail work. As a Chapter CCCMB is under IMBA’s 501c3 umbrella and is able to use IMBA’s staff, technical resources and legal standing to lighten our organizational burdens. In return CCCMB splits membership dues with IMBA and has incorporated the IMBA logo with the CCCMB logo.

If you join BEFORE Super-Bowl Sunday you will be eligible to win the bike described below:

If you plan to contribute more than the basic membership fee, after joining on the IMBA website, please make a separate donation directly to CCCMB on our Donate page.  

Those donated funds will go directly toward local trail advocacy and are not shared with IMBA.

CCCMB Donation

Why Join?

  • To support CCCMB - IMBA trail advocacy, trail building and trail maintenance activities.

  • Because you love using trails whether mountain biking, on horseback, hiking or trail-running and want to live in a "trail friendly" community and nation.

  • To keep informed and have a voice in trail access issues

  • To support the wonderful work that IMBA is doing at the national level.

  • To enjoy a variety of IMBA member benefits.

  • To have the satisfaction of knowing you're doing your part to help.

  • Because you appreciate the effort and skill of those individuals who work the trails you ride, and know that joining CCCMB-IMBA makes it easy to meet and work with those folks on common goals.

  • Because you want to continue to using the trails in SLO County on your bike, horse or feet.