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Trail Maps

This page attracts the most traffic of any page on www.cccmb.org, which makes our (volunteer) mapmaker very proud, indeed.  These wonderful maps accurately detail the legal trails at five of San Luis Obispo County's largest and most popular areas to ride/hike/run. 

If, like our talented mapmaker, you want to join our (volunteer) force for trails in SLO County or if you want to donate money to purchase tools for trail building and maintenance or if you want to help out in some other way, contact Greg Bettencourt at greg@cccmb.org. 

A robust and interesting trail system is a win-win for everyone.  Join us!

How can you help CCCMB develop more and better trails in SLO County?

When riding any of the trails detailed on these maps, please be mindful of the etiquette recommended by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and CCCMB:

  • Only ride on open trails.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Ride in control of your bicycle or horse.
  • Always yield trail to others.
  • Never scare animals or people.
  • Plan ahead.

Trail maps developed by GEObispo