Sapwi Trail @ Santa Margarita Lake

Be A Part of the Build...

This is your chance to create a significant system of trails in north County.    The Sapwi Extension is being built by CCCMB in cooperation with various equestrian groups and SLO County Parks and Recreation.  

Project Leaders:

Joe O’Donnell (CCCMB) - Kathy Redden (Atascadero Horsemen) - Chuck Woodard (County Parks)

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 Santa Margarita Lake
Sapwi Trail System

Beginning this winter 2017 work on Sapwi trail extension will ramp up.  Workdays have been scheduled at least twice a month on either Sunday or Monday (see schedule below).  Those weekly workdays will be supplemented by bigger CCCMB scheduled workdays.

Trail builders gather to inspect and strategize

"The goal is to have a finished trail 

by early 2018"

Help create a vastly improved trail system at Santa Margarita Lake!

This webpage provides all the information you need to help build the extension of the Sapwi Trail at Santa Margarita Lake: 

  • volunteer directions
  • map 
  • contact information 
  • schedule 
  • other details  

The extension of Sapwi will do several really cool things – all of them illustrated by the map on this page. 

  •  Allow trail users to bypass the two “camelback” climbs on Blinn Road that discourage access to the north side of the lake. 
  • Make the Sapwi Trail nearly 4 miles long.
  • Greatly expand the rideable trail system
  • Make Falcon Trail much more accessible for trail users.

Completion of Sapwi will make possible serious reroute work on Falcon Trail.   Falcon Trail is valued because it provides a backcountry trail experience.    When the Sapwi trail extension is completed CCCMB and its partners will begin work on Falcon Trail creating short reroutes to address dangerous and/or unsustainable steep sections.”


Trail Work In Progress

Pictures of the Sapwi Trail Builders

Trail crew sets off across the lake toward the trail
(with the recent rains, crews will cross by boat)

Lunch provided by the Atascadero Horsemen's Association

Join Us!
How to Become A Part of the Sapwi Crew...

Trail Work Schedule

Where: Meeting place: Santa Margarita Lake Park Entrance
When9:00am to about noon
Work dates: Alternating Mondays and Sundays (see below) 
Questions: Folks can contact the Project Leaders shown below for info to determine if it is a go or no-go work day, weather, etc. 

Project Leader Contacts:

Joe O'Donnell (CCCMB) - cell: (805) 462-2820

Chuck Woodard (Supervising Ranger): (805) 438-3045

Santa Margarita Lake Kiosk: (805) 788-2415


  • January 22, Sunday
  • January 30, Monday
  • Skip SBS weekend
  • February 13, Monday
  • February 19, Sunday
  • February 27, Monday

Great workday at Santa Margarita Lake!
Archive From Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thanks to the 23 volunteers - a combination of mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers and trail runners - who came out to work on the Sapwi Trail Extension.  Brush was cut and moved, and tread was cut in.  Still a ways to go on getting the trail completed so hope to see folks come out for future workdays.  

Volunteers came back to a bbq lunch hosted by the Atascadero Horseman's Club.
  • Five people won gift cards in the raffle:
  • Don Fuller - The Galley Restaurant in Morro Bay
  • Susanne Stedler - Riding Warehouse
  • Bob Skinner - Art's Cyclery
  • Janice Campbell - Wally's Bicycle Works
  • Daniel Giberson - Flanders Bicycle

And all volunteers received a one day free pass to either Santa Margarita Lake or Lopez Lake.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and working on the trail!