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About www.cccmb.org

One of the best ways for mountain bikers to retain their access to trail systems is to contribute powerfully to the maintenance and building of local trails. A good website assists communication and the sharing of important info toward this goal. 

In keeping with the civic orientation of CCCMB, the developers of www.cccmb.org volunteered their ideas and expertise to enhance the effectiveness of our group through a more robust and interactive online presence.  We developed this site with free software tools so as to make our model inexpensive and simple to replicate and adapt to the unique needs of other trails organizations.

photo by Judith Hildinger

When we set out to develop this site to help our Central Coast community learn about effective trail stewardship, we also decided to record the process in order to share the lessons learned with others. This development guide attempts to identify some of the key facets of creating this site. Countless sites on the web, numerous books, and other resources feature guidelines about developing websites and offer far better resources for the details of creating a site, but we hope this info inspires your trails group to develop an online presence and communication network for the sharing of important info, including maps, education, trail etiquette, "breaking news" related to trails in your area, and OF COURSE dates for upcoming trail work.

Here, we've divided our process into three distinct phases: planning, execution, and maintenance.  Following a description of these phases and the key issues encountered during each one, we provide a case study of www.cccmb.org development to further help you envision and construct your own trails website.




Site Development Guide: The Whole Enchilada

Case Study: Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

photo by Judith Hildinger

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Photo Credits
We want to credit all photographers whose work appears in the pages of www.cccmb.org.  If your image appears here without credit, it's because we don't know that info.  Contact Tucker at the email below to let us know which images belong to you and how to spell your name.

Direct questions or comments about CCCMB's website to tucker.fritch@cccmb.org.