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FASTA Eucs Skills Park

"CCCMB enthusiastically endorses and supports FASTA because the two organizations complement one another perfectly. FASTA's goal of creating legal, sustainable and expertly constructed freeride trails meets a long-standing need which CCCMB has never been able to meet." 

                 - Greg Bettencourt, CCCMB Director 

FASTA: Freeride and Sustainable Trails Association

The working members of FASTA bring to every project a combination of environmental knowledge, a passion for developing technical mountain biking skills, and a desire to create safe, fun, and sustainable mountain biking technical skill areas and trails in the San Luis Obispo area.

FASTA members apply sound planning and design concepts to engineer projects that succeed for all stakeholders—from riders to city officials. FASTA is committed to developing trails and mountain biking technical skills areas that accommodate a wide array of users. Working FASTA members plan and design trails and  skills areas with a systematic approach that enhances the rider’s experience. We also analyze the landscape to support decisions that may influence or be influenced by the variation and specifics of topography, hydrology, vegetation, and soils. 

Founded in 2008 by Andrew Pellkofer and Dan Palmer, FASTA members dedicate themselves toward four primary goals:

  • To create sustainable trails and mountain biking technical skills areas
  • To provide new recreational opportunities for all levels of mountain bikers
  • To reduce environmental damage caused by illegal and poorly designed trails
  • To assist local land managers and clubs with trail design, construction, and maintenance

FASTA members develop practical skills scouting, flagging, and laying out of trails and skills areas.  We construct technical elements, maintain them and, of course, ride them.  

Current FASTA Project: The Euc Grove 

We are working to develop an educational/demonstration technical mountain bike skills area in the Eucalyptus Grove at the base of Morning Glory and Shooters. This project grew directly out of the need to provide a better alternative to the unsanctioned/illegal trails that some cyclists have developed in the West Cuesta Ridge area.  FASTA and CCCMB do not support illegal trail development, especially when it ravages sensitive ecological areas. 

How can I benefit from and contribute to FASTA?

  • Assist with official and unofficial trail work days
  • Advocate for sustainable and fun mountain bike technical skills areas and trails
  • Develop FASTA's web presence and identity to reach target demographic
  • Time for effective planning of projects
  • Hands-on work with power tools
  • Materials such as lumber, hardware, and soil

Join us so we can all reap the benefits of our hard work: a killer mountain bike skills area right in our backyard.


Founders: Andrew Pellkofer and Dan Palmer

Contact FASTA:  getFASTA@gmail.com