"Want to ride gravity in SLO?"

A group dedicated to the promotion and improvement of 
The Eucs Bike Skills Area
and the Stenner Flow Trail

"CCCMB enthusiastically endorses and supports FASTA because the two organizations complement one another perfectly. FASTA's goal of creating legal, sustainable and expertly constructed freeride trails meets a long-standing need which CCCMB has never been able to meet." 

                 - Greg Bettencourt, CCCMB Director 

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"The Toilet Bowl" feature in The Eucs

The Eucs (Yewks) Bike Skills Area Map
(Click for larger view)

Directions:  How to get there!

From below - Drive up Stenner Creek Rd. (off Highway 1), to the gate at the end.  Go through the gate and up the dirt road a few hundred feet.  At the farmhouse, turn right at the bridge across the creek.  Go through the gate and turn left up through the eucalyptus grove.  Follow the road for another 100 ft and go through the gate and follow the single track trail directly ahead.  The "Stenner Creek Trail" will wind around the creek up to the railroad tracks (another gate).  Cross the tracks and through another gate, then follow the single track "Elevator Trail" up to the large Eucalyptus grove where the Eucs Bike Skills Area resides (see map above).

From Above- Park at the top of Cuesta Grade (just off Highway 101).  Either walk, ride or drive up to the top of the "Shooters Trail" (see West Cuesta Ridge map here).  Hike or walk down Shooters to the large eucalyptus grove where the Eucs Bike Skills Area resides (see map above).

The Latest News...

Next Trail Work Day: Stay tuned for next scheduled work day

FASTA Work Day Update
Work on Stenner Flow Trail - Sunday 4/15

We had seven volunteers and two city rangers work on the Stenner Creek Flow
trail. Neils worked the new Mini ex like a pro and the 2nd ranger ran the
power wheelbarrow delivering dirt to berms and braking bumps. 

Neils worked the mini-excavator like a pro

In total we rebuilt 5 berms, several drains, and added several fun jumps including the
bottom table top (Neils folly) which is now Neils "Step up step down"
jump. Swag was offered but declined. And the pictures speak for

FASTA volunteers working on rebuilding one of five new berms on the flow-trail

Pretty awesome for 3CMB to have two very productive work days
at the same time.

Volunteers making improvements to the Flow Trail

Eucs Bike Skills Workday
Sunday - Oct. 15th 9:30am

CCCMB will hold a trail work day to make improvements at the Bike Skills Area in "The Eucs" off Cuesta Grade.  Work will include adding pavers to one of the Jail Break turns and clean up around the tool shed area.  

Meet at The Eucs by driving to the end of Stenner Creek Rd. in San Luis Obispo (meet there at 9am to hike/ride up to the Eucs).  The Eucs can also be accessed from the top of TV Tower Rd. off Cuesta Grade.  Bike or hike down the Shooters Trail to The Eucs.

This trail improvement workday is open to the public, so invite your friends to join in.  Be sure to wear long sleeves, long pants and bring gloves, hat, sturdy shoes and bring snacks and water.  Tools will be provided.  

For more information contact Jim Aaron at: 

FASTA de Mayo Event
"Best Ever!"

This years FASTA de Mayo event was the best one ever.  We had over 90 riders that took advantage of Free Shuttles with 130+ rides through The Euc's skills park.

A special thanks to all our sponsors this year: 

Lost Coast Electric - Photos 

My Fun Ride - Donated shuttle vehicles 

Central Coast Brewing 

CBO - Shuttle vehicle and support 

Demo's from 



Santa Cruz 

Provided by IMBA / 3CMB / FASTA                                               ~ Jim Aaron, May 2016 ~

FASTA In Need of Volunteers
This Saturday, May 7th - 10am to 4pm

Calling on riders to volunteer for FASTA de Mayo this Saturday, May 7th. 


Several of our board members are new parents and cannot attend. 

Please contact Jim Aaron ( ) if you can spare a few hours this coming Saturday between 10 and 4 ? Bring your bike and we'll make sure you get a Free Ride!