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CCCMB October-10 Minutes

posted Jan 22, 2011, 11:03 PM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Jan 22, 2011, 11:22 PM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

MEETING MINUTES October 19, 2010


Attending: Paul Reinhardt, Bob Nanninga, Ron Dexter, Tim Sawchuck, Bill Jenkins, Greg Bettencourt, John Cutter, Doug Carscaden, Kathy Redden, Greg Robertson, Joe O’Donnell, Frank Zika, Ian Anderson, Mary Bettencourt


I    Approval of minutes of previous TWO meetings: Approved Joe, 2nd Paul, passed.


II   Agenda requests - none


III   Committee Reports:

1.      Trail Work 

MdO North & South Slope – Tim Sawchuck- “Dun, done” North Hazard Peak reroute is complete; South Slope, including reinforced switchbacks, completed. CCC’s worked hard and worked well.

Elevator/MG/Shooters – Kelli: 25 volunteers completed the most important work, cleaning drain dips and digging post-holes.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Home Depot just gave $100 for tools. SLOBC request see below - Greg

3.      Publicity– Frank: will email posters to anyone who wants them. They are laminated and posted at trailheads.

4.      Newsletter – Paul is ready to mail them once they are printed.

5.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: Discussed possibility of joining efforts with the Bike Coalition. Will report back next month.

6.      Agency & Organization Reports - County: Dan Chapman, our contact at Lopez, has been transferred, replaced by Don Melon and Tim.

Forest Service – Greg and Kathy Longacre met with other principals (owners, their attorney, Atascadero rep, Forest Service rep, Jim Patterson, RRM rep) regarding Eagle Ranch. Access probably will be through the west side of the ranch. 

State Parks - Ron, Doug, Tim, Greg, etc:

7.      Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Report and recommendation to hire trainer. Greg has asked SLOBC for $2,000 for hiring the volunteer management trainer.

8.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Tim: still waiting to hear from the ranger who would be responsible for the patrol.

9.      Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel, Bill met and plan to simplify the front page.

10.  FASTA

HillRide site visit and community outreach would take place on Monday, Nov. 8. Nat will go on a group ride with local freeriders. Greg will send out the schedule to the directors. Tim will send out email and Craig’s list announcements. Frank will send to community calendars. ?? will post fliers at freeride sites. Doug will send info to Frank and Tim re: location for evening meeting. Greg will go to bike shops’ mechanic stations. Bill will contact and invite Lezyne folks. Solicit from Bike Coalition, etc, high school mountain bike teams.

Donor agreement, insurance - Ian: 

11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: ~ $5,5000.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.      Fernandez Trail Oct. 24 – Joe: motorcycles have ripped it to shreds and he has sent an email to Lloyd. Friis camp is closed due to rain, so access will be from top or bottom. Joe will send email to group. Meet at SLO Vet’s Hall at 8 or Turkey Flats at 9.

2.      Nov. 6 – TrailWerks at Froom Ranch

           Scope of work – ~ 2,000’ will be fine-flagged and divided up into projects

Lead person – Bob N. and Doug C.

T-shirts – ~ $6 each, 144 ordered.

Crew leaders – John C, Greg B, Greg R, Joe O, Bill J. Bob N will call people on the crew leaders list.

Swag/gift certificates, raffle – crew leader hats are in the works. Bill: gift certs, gift cards, Home Depot and other sources for food, wine, restaurants.

Banners – Joe, Kelli and Greg have banners. Post them at Cerro San Luis, Irish Hills. Ron has signs for parking directions.

Public relations – press release and specific poster

Breakfast – House of Bread; coffee from Starbucks, Nautical Bean or ?? OJ, bananas, apples or ??

Sign-ups & sign ins – encourage carpooling. 3CMB sign-in and waiver, City sign-in, t-shirts, name-tags, direct to crew leaders, raffle. Doug will confirm gathering points.

Set-up & clean up – stage out of gazebo area, city can set up.  Directors will help

Tools – distribute tools at project area; Joe has accounted for 140 tools. Doug has 50. Joe will bring 4 wheelbarrows.

BBQ – Doug’s dad will cook. Trip tip. City and SLOPOST paying for food. Mary will email group recruiting for kitchen crew, set-up and clean-up. Sausage or trip-tip sandwiches? Rootbeer floats? Tactical Thirst Response Team. Doug will bring tables. Joe will bring the pop-up. Doug can bring a few city pop-ups.

Prep Day – if needed

3.      Moving Dirt – Tim S.  Tool Safety Talk - Tabled

4.      Record vote to contract with Hilride for the FASTA proposal @$2,500 – Moved by Tim, Joe 2nd.

5.      Recruiting participants for Hilride community outreach meeting – (See III, 10 above.)

6.      Descending Bikes Stop For All Uphill Traffic – Signs? Boxes? Bells? Something at the top curving pavers and bottom of Elevator at gate beyond the tracks. Bells on magnetic strips with explanation. IMBA “Yield” signs. John will work on the signs.

7.      Los Osos Middle School idea – Terry Elfrink, Principal - tabled

8.      Presentations to groups to recruit workers (power point, brochure, etc.) – Ideas for groups?  Before TrailWerks? - Tabled

9.      Dealing with medical concerns at workdays – Update - Tabled

10.  Jobs/tasks which CCCMB needs someone to fulfill – Can we make a list?

“Bell Captains” for each area. Tabled

11.  CCCMB “social rides” - Tabled

V   Information

Windwolves April 9-10, 2011 – Paul moved, Joe 2nd to place reservation, including refundable $250 fee. Passed.

Mustang Daily – writer wants to do an article on the HilRide visit.

VI  Other?

VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 5:30 p.m.