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April 2012

posted Jul 8, 2012, 11:57 AM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Jul 8, 2012, 11:57 AM by Gary Bissell ]

  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING MINUTES April 17, 2012


Attending: Kathy Redden, Jeanne Mutziger, Greg Bettencourt, Tim Sawchuck, John Cutter, Jim Atchison, Frank Zika, Bill Jenkins, Paul Reinhardt, Jeannie Carpenter, Joe O’Donnell, Kelli Schonher, Aaron Guerrero, Bob Nanninga, John DeNunzio, Greg Robertson, Doug Carscaden, Tucker Fritch, Christina Jacobson, Mary Bettencourt.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Bill moved, Paul 2nd Unanimous.


II   Agenda requests - Ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest. None stated.


III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – M.G. – Greg R.; ___________________

Froom – Doug: bunch of brushing, prepping and rock-moving. Ready to move dirt.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: suggest that if we win a raffle prize we don’t need or want, give it away (later) but don’t say “I don’t want that.”

3.      Publicity – Frank: Structuring/restructuring this committee  Tabled

4.      FASTA – Greg R, Ian, Tucker: getting ready for May workday. Text is being prepared for signs.

5.      Newsletter/E-newsletter – Lynne Latronica :  per report

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: 101 members – new record.

7.      Agency & Organization Reports:

County: Joe - SMLake, Sapwi Trail, Bill Sloan of SWCA donating time to do the biological vetting. Gentle w/o switchbacks. ALPS trail: Very steep terrain. 103 acres on West edge of Atascadero, through the Eagle Ranch to National Forest at Cerro Alto. 3 miles of trail. Getting a grant of ~ $230K. Froom Plan – Doug:

Bike Coalition Bike Month: Friday Breakfast,

8.      Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Bob N. working on the mentoring phase. Committee will meet again after the Trails and Greenways Conference.

9.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Greg R., Joe, Tim, Bob: Manuals are with Ranger Grennan. Hoping to use IMBA guidelines rather that DPR’s. IMBA recommends the Colorado unit for resources.

10.  Website/tech Committee – Tim, Lynne, Kelli:

11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: $15,218.78 (including FASTA’s money)


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Fernandez – Joe; big motorcycle jumps by waterfall and 2 culverts. Brushed, power tools from Joe, John Cutter has the battery powered tools, Paul sign-in, Jeanne membership; Food and Drink:____; Tim: emails. Bill: swag; food/drinks; crew leaders; pre-ride; advertisement)

2.      Moving Dirt –                          

3.   Strategic Planning Follow-Up Tasks

a.       Volunteer Recruitment Progress: Will be addressed at open house.

b.      What should our proposed “Leader of Crew Leaders” do? Kelli will set up a meeting.

      4.  Bike Month Activities Update:

                  a. Breakfast  - Megan

                  b. RideS – Greg R. & Jeanne Saturday rides: Jeanne & Kelli up Hazard Peak at 1 PM at Ranch House with H20 and granola bars. Greg’s ride will be intermediate level, meet the end of Stenner, down the Flying Ewok.

c.    Community Meeting Open House/Happy Hour - Christina & Jeannie: Quality Suites 4-6 pm. Pizza and Beer (ask Jim Aaron). 5 Stations; need 3CMB directors to staff the tables, 2 each:

Sustainable Trails: Maps, tools on display, digital pic frame, John Cutter, Jeanne & Kelli.


Future Trails: Maps (large & small) New trails game: digital slide show, land manager logos on a poster or ??, Joe and Greg B.


Sharing Trails (etiquette/multi-use): Kathy Redden has pix of the multi-use ride/hike at MdO. Bill will do a bell display. Kathy Redden


Getting Involved: “personals” approach: Kelli has some lists, slide-show on digital frame. Tim and Frank.


Food and Drink: Jeannie


Greeter: Mary B.


FASTA: Tom, Dom & Taylor.


Also need:

·        Celebrating Our Success:

·        Raffles: Bill

·        Slide Show on Digital Pic Frames (3): Tucker, Tim

·        Banners: one on a pick-up outside Quality Suites, one in the patio or inside.  Joe has?

·        Advertising: Cal Poly, Ride Nipomo, SLOCOG is putting some out. Bulletin boards at schools and churches. Climbing Gym, SLOBC, Bike Shops, Bicycle Coalition.

·        Signs on/for each table. 


V News-worthy items for e-newsletter and/or website


VI  Other: 


VIII  Next Meeting: May 15, 2012, 5:30 p.m.