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August 2009

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING Minutes for August 18, 2009


Present: Bruce Johnson, Kelli Schonher, Jeanne Mutzinger, Greg Bettencourt, Rachel Duchak, Bill Jenkins, Rob Ermy, Tim Sawchuck, Doug Carscaden, Ron Dexter, Greig Cummings, Joe O’Donnell, Gary Havas, Dan Palmer, Jim Aarons, Frank Zika., Andy Mutzinger, Steve Edney, Clint Edwards, Mary Bettencourt.


Approval of minutes of previous meeting::

Jeanne approved; Rachel second.


II   Agenda requests: Letter from CCCMB re: State Parks closure; trail-work schedule.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work –

Johnson Ranch– Doug: 90-95% of tread is cut on the second trail; 4-6 bridges still need to be built. Just one section of existing trail needs to be adjusted.  The next section will be a little more steep and a little more technical, but still an intermediate trail. Summer youth corps of the CCC has spent the summer there. 3 days of experienced CCC’s is scheduled. Thank you Doug for the terrific supervision


Morning Glory - Bill; Brushed from the bottom of Shooters to the Grand Switchback, with 10 people (2 new)

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  Current Status: CBO purchasing 3rd round of maps. $0.18 are now $0.12 “give-aways”


3.     Public Relations – Frank: Power Pt. after meeting;

o      Thank-yous – update Some done, some waiting for the new work schedule. Frank is coordinating mailing list with Neil in order to have letter from the mayor included.

o      Power Point to be presented to SLOBC on Sept. 3.

o      Rachel has contacts for making class presentations at Cal Poly. Will follow up for scheduling.


4.     Newsletter – Rachel:  September issue – IDEAS, volunteers???

o      Info from Chris Orr re: Santa Barbara fire – Rachel will contact Chris.

o      Wild Cherry Canyon.

o      Kelli will write on trail sustainability.


5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: when he’s well enough

6.     Agency & Organization Reports

o      State Parks, J. Aaron – suggests 3CMB have a position statement on website regarding State Parks threatened closure to clarify for membership. Rachel approved and Kelli second.

o      Oats Peak reroute being flagged.

o      Greg, Ron and Kelli will attend the State Parks meeting on Aug. 26th.

o      County – Wild Cherry Canyon: Bd. of Supervisors meeting August 25 re: approval of funding with existing county $$$. Attend meeting if possible and/or send letter in support. Need 4 of 5 supervisor votes.

o      City – Doug:  CCCMB is Volunteer of the Year Award. An awards party is tentatively planned at Santa Rosa Park (date unknown) for Johnson Ranch Volunteer Party.

o      Forest Service – none.

o      Bike Coalition – none.


7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: No report.

8.     Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: updated on quarterly report.

9.     FASTA – Andrew, Dan: See below

10.  Financial Report: Jeanne $4,970.  Jeanne and Greg working on budget draft for next year; will present at next meeting.  This budget will help with funding requests to SLOBC as well as SLOPOST grant-writing.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action:

1.     FASTA – CCCMB Update and Strategy.

Greg - Discussion of Neil’s “Stenner Springs Natural Reserve Conservation Plan” summary and full report: The plan accommodates trails and structures. The City Planning Commission has great confidence in Neil’s judgment regarding resource protection.

Meeting with City Planning Commission Wed. Aug. 26, 6-10 individuals will attend and speak. (Joe, Kelli, Jeanne, Greg, Dan and Andrew.

Doug – Members of City Staff and committees will require insurance from another entity (FASTA, CCCMB?) for FASTA project.

Jim Aaron suggests ongoing CCCMB support of FASTA, possibly a sub-group of 3CMB. To be discussed.


2.     Reflections on 2008-09

o      Rachel

o      Great progress on Education Committee, need to clarify “Brushing” so that there is consistency among groups.

o      Suggest trying out the training materials on the regional crews, then have info laminated for crew leader packets.

o      Use these at the tool stations at MdO as well.

o      Post the work schedules there as well.

o      Everyone – great progress last year on our capacity to be effective

o      Bill and Jeanne– good cooperation with other agencies, e.g. SLO Leadership, Friends of Lopez Lake. Already reaping benefits of it.

o      Jim Aaron, Andy, Ron – good progress on regional leadership on trail work, e.g Bill at Lopez, Ron at Lopex and MdO, Andy with ECOSLO youth group and the empowerment and training that goes with it.

o      Kelli – Karl Knapp Workshop

o      Maps – popularity at bike shops.

o      Jim Aaron suggested 3-sided Kiosks – CCCMB, Bike Coalition, Nexus.

o      Jeanne – Cerro Alto is awesome, thanks Ron!

3.     Committee Goals for 2009-10

a.     Fall Trail Work Schedule

o      Draft schedule accepted

o      Send to Wheelmen, Ishai, Cal Poly’s finals schedule, re: conflicts.

o      Regional Crew leaders to pick a fall work date for their location; then invite other orgs to join in. Send to Rachel for posting on website and in newsletter. Rachel will remind

b.     Sponsorship

o      Come up with a “Wish List” to support increase in sponsorship appeal.

o      Ask SLOBC and SLOPOST for 20% more.

o      Change the raffle – details to follow.

o      4 new non-bike shop sponsors

o      Better Clif Bar sponsorship

o      Start developing corporate sponsors (e.g. Sram-truvativ, Lezyne, WTB, Chris King)

c.     Public relations –

o      Develop strategies to “create buzz” to get more actual trail workers (e.g. CCCMB led rides,  tie with Bike Coalition events, WOW Week booth, rides???  Talk Up Trailwork campaign (like Jim, Fasta & Frank did for Elevator TrailWerks

o      Include schedules on Craig’s list.

o      Invite Google Group to trail-scoping visits before a trail work day.

o      Text (Twitter) reminder to members of trail-work-days. – Jeanne will research.

o      Investigate developing brochure (pictures and explanation of what CCCMB does, with membership info).  Greg will bring examples.

o      Investigate decals


d.     Education/training –

        • Continue to emphasize hands-on training by crew leaders during work days
        • Hold training/planning/teaching sessions before regularly scheduled workdays
        • Revise/finalize brushing and RDD/Grade Reversals teaching aids
        • Survey members and crew leaders knowledge/interests to determine future training efforts     
        • Add more useful content to Education webpage – possibly

e.     Membership/volunteers – tabled

f.      Website and Google Groups

o      Rachel will use video on the website. Bill and others invited to submit. Also will contact Cal Poly.

o      Tim – has a great website that he will share.

o      “Needs and wants” page in the works: Joe, Jim, Andy, Ron, Greg. Rachel will email and remind them to make their wish list.

g.     Financial – Make a budget for 2009-2010.


4.     Party to kick-off new season: Some time in the fall at Doug’s House.

5.     Permission to work on Madonna property on Cerro San Luis: Greg will talk to Ishai or property owners about helping with trail maintenance.

6.     IMBA Insurance – tabled.


V   Information

1.     Aborted Downhill Race at Black Hill

2.     Poly Gates – Greg sent a thank-you email to Aaron Lazinof and Andy Thulin, Animal Science.

3.     Greenways Conference – tabled.

4.     New Railroad cop – a presence at the top of Stenner earlier in the summer. Bruce Johnson will find and forward the law as it pertains to trespassing on railroad property.

5.     Illegal Cerro Cabrillo trail(s) – tabled.

6.     Selling jerseys – tabled.


VI  Other – none.


VII   Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 22, 2009 due to conflict with City Council meeting.