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December 2008 Meeting

posted Jan 2, 2009, 11:02 PM by morgan hall   [ updated Jan 7, 2009, 11:57 AM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


  December 16, 2008


5:30 PM


Attending: Tony Artho, Rachel Duchak, Bill Jenkins, Zak DeMerritt, Greg Bettencourt, Mary Bettencourt, Kelli Schonher, Doug Carscaden, Joe McDonnell, Ron Dexter, Alison Reinhardt, Paul Reinhardt, Tim Sawchuck, Frank Zika, Barb Engle, Kathy Longacre, Jeanne Mutziger, Jim Aaron, Christy Cutter, John Cutter, Paul Doering, Bob Ermy, Kyle Elfrink, Morgan Hall

NOTE: Items in red relate to financial matters.  Items in blue indicate that a decision was made.

I.                   Approval of minutes of previous meeting. (Passed:Paul and Bill)


II.   Committee Reports


1.      Trail Work –  Johnson Ranch– Doug. Flagging days will begin after elevator is done.

        Hazard Peak – Ron. Good turn out, good work.


2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  No report.


3.      Public Relations – Frank: Update:

q       Kylie is ready to write an article for New Times – Greg will contact.

q       Mass email to membership about Morning Glory.

q       Paul R. will send email addresses to Frank.


4.      Newsletter to be received by members the week before SBS–

q       Articles due Jan. 1

o       Paul – membership report,

o       Greg – state of the state, work schedule

o       John Cutter – Trail work evolution,

o       Christie - trails to avoid in bad weather. 

o       Ron – trail work techniques.

q       Newsletter to be distributed by mail, email and web page.

q       Rachel will bring newsletters for labeling at next meeting


5.      Membership & Volunteers – See # 5 under Old Business.


6.      Agency & Organization Reports: State Parks,County, City, Forest Service, Bike Coalition: TABLED


7.      Training Committee - Kelli:

q       Invite people to flagging days and to other pre-trailwork days.

q       Incorporate training into work-days.

q       Offer a weekly/monthly ride or hike with training.

q       Next meeting will address

o       Content of these trainings.

o       Knowledge/skill assessments of trainees.

o       Acknowledge advancement of skills.

q       Jim Aarons submitted content of FASTA skills set. Greg will distribute to committee.


8.      Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: update.

q       Per Morgan – Google site is free, easily accessible, easily managed.

q       Google group manager will eliminate “reply all” for group at large. And create another subgroup of 3cmb directors.

q       Greg will talk with Paul and Morgan about members having trouble signing up.


9.      FASTA – Andrew, Dan: Update – No Report


10.  Financial Report: Greg: balance  ~ $3,829. plus money being held for 3cmb by SLOPOST.


III.   Old Business

1.      Booth at Events:  Identify point person TABLED

2.      Reroutes and trail closures Strategy: Proposal –

q       Poster describing big project at MdO w/Kelli’s map – Greg and Kelli.

q       Reports on new rerouting projects should emphasize the positive aspects of the new trails – Greg, Frank, Ron, Jim A. and Kelli.

q       Discussed offering an informational meeting and/or site visit.


3.      Officially decide between

A. SLOPOST affiliation (“Project Group” under their mission) for one year starting Jan.1 passed (Jeanne and Jim)

q       Jeanne attends SLOPOST meetings

q       Expenses submitted to Jeanne by email or at the monthly meeting or by email to Patty at SLOPOST.

q       3CMB continues to write our own grants.

q       3 1/2% of income goes to SLOPOST annually toward their expenses.

q       Directors’ Insurance covers 3cmb since Jeanne attends board meetings.


B. Independent 501c(3) status = (VeloSlo; we have Eric Benson’s permission) may use in future as an umbrella if we purchase a trail tool and rent it out.  OR FASTA could possibly use it.


4.      Elect Treasurer Jeanne Mutzinger. ELECTED Unanimously.

Secretary:Margot Clark – ELECTED unanimously.


5.      Membership: Strategy for recruitment

q       Singletrax:  Bill & Megan will submit all $$ to 3CMB;

q       “Sign up in Jan. and Feb.for chance at $25 gift cert. or a 3CMB Jersey”.

q       Do membership recruitment at every trail work day.

q       Increase follow-up of new volunteers.

q       Email requests for membership.

q       ?


6.      Bike Shop Displays: Proposal TABLED


IV.   New Business

1.      Morning Glory & Shooters Workday, January 10: organize - Tabled


2.      Links on CCCMB website Policy: e.g. www.slobike.com.

q       Paul Doering will write up appropriate criteria for links.

q       Agreed to allow link on 3cmb web-page.


3.      Work Schedule for Spring: begin thinking – need it for January newsletter and SBS –

q       Subcommittee will develop a schedule.

q       Greg will ask membership for input.


4.      New TrailWerks concept proposal: discussion - TABLED


5.      Using “Choke Points”, places to stand, bike bells on Hazard and other places: Discussion - TABLED


6.      Black Mtn Downhilling Problem: Discussed, email circulated.


7.      Board Member “official” list: Check for accuracy & willingness - 5 additional members volunteered to be on the board.


V.  Other


VI.   Next Meeting: January 21, 2009