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December 2009

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




December 15, 2009


Attending: Paul Reinhart, Tim Sawchuck, Joe O’Donnell, Ron Dexter, Greg Robertson, Jeanné Mutziger, Rachel Duchak, Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Doug Carscaden, Jim Aaron, Bob Nanninga, Rob Urmy, Gary Havas


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting.  Approved.


II   Agenda requests. None


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work – Getting ready for upcoming work on Elevator.  The materials are on site, but it’s been too muddy to really scope the project fully

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  Dioptics donated 250 sunglasses for us to distribute to volunteers. Home Depot Grant written, we should know results by January meeting.

3.     Public Relations – Thanks Frank: great work on the Journal Plus article.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel: Forthcoming newsletter content: riding in the rain, announce trail conditions site, thanks to bike shops (Jenkins), remind about jerseys for sale, membership form, schedule (Bettencourt), SBS write up (Cutter). Someone will email Kathy about the Poly connection for printing. January 15. Include questionnaire on back of membership form to learn more about our members.

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul et al: Discussed how much we should charge for membership and whether to lump socks into membership to avoid selling them and doing the paperwork required.  We agree to keep this simple in terms of signing up members. $10 for individual membership, no socks; add $5 for each pair of socks. How to get socks to users? Have people pick up socks at a workday within a timeline. 19 jerseys left that we need to sell. We’ll incorporate the selling of jerseys with membership: premium, limited supplies. Bring them to SBS. Lifetime membership? -- Jeanné produced and will send out thank you letters for donors/members who give more.

6.     Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, Bike Coalition): Doug, Bob, Ron, Greg, etc: We have 400 hours listed so far but we can keep adding to it until the end of the year. Paul will help Ron with hours worked from the website. Johnson Ranch still needs a few more bits worked on and one more new bridge. There is a proposal to change the Monterey District of the Los Padres National Forest into a “special unit”.  The Ventana Wilderness Alliance is promoting this in order to make it easier to support trails in the district.  According to the Alliance president no changes in this proposal are intended to negatively influence mountain biking (i.e. Pruitt Loop Trail). Greg has some questions about some of these boundary changes and has asked IMBA to check with Congressman Farr’s office to ensure that we will retain access. If it’s cool, we’ll write a letter in support of this new categorization of the forest. – As for the prospect of having bells available at Montaña de Oro, we’ll continue to suggest it but must wait for the state park to decide how they want to proceed with this issue.

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: no report

8.     Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: We plan to include a time lapse video of trail work and trail use. The installation of pavers to Johnson Ranch might be a good event to record.

9.     FASTA – Due to Andrew’s departure from the area with his graduation from Cal Poly, we need to select a new regional crew leader for the Stenner Trails area. Greg B. expressed concern with the lack of FASTA representation at today’s meeting. Jim Aaron indicated that the FASTA guys want to keep working on Morning Glory and Shooters, but we all agreed that the regional crew leader should be a permanent resident/not a student. Greg R. offered to take this role but for the near term, Doug will be the point person for the emails and other questions about working this area.

We will discuss this further in January after the Botanicals/M.G. workday provides us some insights. 

10.  Financial Report: Jeanne: We’ve paid some large bills of late. CCCMB has $6223.77


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action


  1. Elevator December trail work plans – Paul will be at end of Stenner Road at 9am.  Paul will rove to register folks. We’ll send another reminder and Jeanné will update the Facebook page. Do we have enough tools? Ron will ensure the tools are on site. Official walk-through for Morning Glory workday Jan. 3.  Ron & Joe will put together a tool order for the year.
  2. New “moving dirt” segment of CCCMB meeting – a series of topics that allow us to focus on the dirt moving element of our group. Ron D. explained about trail features (ditch, humpy, wannabe grade dip). Highlights from his presentation: A trail always needs the outslope to help shed the water. When performing trail maintenance, workers don’t need to make such large humps.
  3. Passive maintenance –  Jim Aaron will provide some passive maintenance suggestions to perform trail maintenance without tools, such as weaving branches back into the plant rather than trimming, especially while you wait for a fellow rider to fix a flat.
  4. Trail work event protocol – Re: Tim and Bill’s protocol for planning and executing work days. We’ll keep working on this and evolving and refining until we have it in the form of a convenient checklist. It’s about delegating and capturing expertise. We like the rolling start although this makes it more complicated for having the raffle.
  5. Schedule – A small group will meet after the first of the year to develop the schedule.
  6. Trailworker of the year award – We discussed whether to keep or kill the award and decided to end the random quality of the drawing but will retain the nominated worker of the year award first developed for the Cyclebration party.
  7. Illegal trails and Camp San Luis – They didn’t like the link through JG’s mt. bike SLO site to trails like Dairy Creek and Pick and Shovel but understand that we can’t control everyone.  CCCMB members should be cool and don’t be seen promoting illegal trails.
  8. Photos – We have a process for storing photos on the site. We’ll get some photos from Joe and will digitize them.
  9. Bells – Bells seem like they’re working: they’ve all disappeared. Distribute them to members at the next workday. FASTA might consider selling bells as a fundraising effort. Greg R. and Kelli are encouraged to keep on with the project. We discussed using cheaper or more expensive bells and whether to set aside a certain amount of money for the bells. We want to invest in some better bells, perhaps like what Santa Barbara uses. We approved spending up to $400 for bells, a mix of cheap ones for the boxes and some nice ones that we’re going to give away at SBS. Joe and Bill will connect about bell options and order bells. 
  10. Socks – Socks are happening.
  11. Need new Regional Crew Leader for Santa Margarita Lake – Kathy Redden is interested in this but will need some help to become a crew leader. She needs some mentoring various crew leaders will help her.
  12. Crew leader email list – Greg B. will create a list and will work with a tech-oriented person to create the list.
  13. General CCCMB email list posting protocol – If it’s related to bikes, We agreed that it is ok with posting bike-related content to the list.


V   Information

1.     Trail Condition webpage – The trail condition webpage will be self-sustaining and requires minimal maintenance and monitoring. Tim S. will send an email to the full group about this new web feature for CCCMB.


VI  Other?


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 5:30 p.m.