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CCCMB December 2010 Minutes

posted Jan 22, 2011, 11:17 PM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Jan 22, 2011, 11:28 PM by Gary Bissell ]

   Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

MEETING MINUTES - December 21, 2010


I.  Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Bob & Bill


Attending: Joe O’Donnell, Rachel Duchak, Ron Dexter, Bon Nanninga, Gary Havas, Lynne Latronica, Frank Zika, Kathy Redden, Tim Sawchuck, Bill Jenkins, Greg Bettencourt, John Cutter, Jeanne Mutzinger, Ian Anderson, Doug Carscaden, Kelli Schonher, Kathy Longacre, Chris Manning.


II.   Agenda requests ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest.


III.   Committee Reports

1.      Trail WorkLopez – Bill (ECOSLO person, Invasives) 29 volunteers/14 new. Completed 50% of 4 sections; completed a bridge. Clint and Christina did excellent job as crew leaders; each for first time and each with several new helpers. No one left early, even though it was pouring rain, probably due to Bill and crew leaders’ positive attitude. Greg: many invasives emerging at margins of disturbed soil, Holly Sletteland suggests trying to remove them in future. Cerro San Luis – Bob, Doug, Kelli: Cal Poly fraternity volunteers. Bob N: worked on M Trail to deberm. Doug: drains are working.  MdO – Tim: opened essential drains in Fri. Saturday 5 workers walked to top of Manzanita and worked down, cleaning all the drains.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Sock order- Status Art’s Cyclery ordered more bells. Wally will donate toward T-shirts. Thank you’s going out to Trailwerks donors. New socks are ordered and will be available for Super Bowl Sunday.

3.      Publicity – Thank You to Frank; Publicity person needed; “Ride the Divide” as CCCMB fundraiser presented by Chris Manning.  Not available except as licensed event, Screening package comes with a kit of publicity materials for a few hundred dollars. Could paired with some other event. Bike Month? Pre-Bike Month. A departure due to its being a fundraiser AND social. Ron: combine with TrailWerks, Wheelmen? FASTA? A show of hands indicated support for exploring this option. Chris and John Cutter will present a feasibility study on this proposal at the January meeting.

4.      Newsletter – Rachel: Newsletter in January for membership?  Electronic option? Frank suggests repeating the “Thank You” letter that was sent last year. Jeanne reports good results from that mailing. Jeanne proposes sending one paper newsletter at the beginning of the year with membership renewals and send the other newsletters by email. Include a place in the mailing for people to choose either paper or electronic. Frank moves that a paper membership and newsletter be sent in January, others to be sent by email. 2nd Jeanne. Approved. Committee: Rachel, Lynne, TJ, Greg and Jeanne.

5.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: 2011 membership drive & joint membership with Coalition? Paul suggests a small mailing with Spring schedule, membership drive just before Super Bowl Sunday. Jeanne supports asking for renewals in the Spring mailing.

6.      Agency & Organization Reports :

State Parks Black Hill trail Completed & impacts.


City: Froom Trail is done and bridges are completed. Irish Hills had 10 inches of rain. Doug Pictures of slumping damage at Johnson Ranch.

Forest Service: Joe O’Donnell reports that a fire crew repaired the gate at top of Shooters. Greg and Ron are meeting Kathleen Phelps on 166 on Kerry Canyon. Ron, Joe and Greg are meeting Paul McFarland regarding Prewitt Loop on Thursday.

Bike Coalition: - Ron, Doug, Tim, Greg, etc: 

7.      Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Update; State Parks Foundation partnership options – would like to have an ongoing partnership with 3CMB: $500 for tools and $___ for white board and name-tags, in return for using their letterhead on a waiver and a link on the email. State Parks Foundation will provide an additional round of crew leader training, but probably not before SBS. Education Committee will meet again in January.

8.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Tim: sent an email out to interested parties today. Ranger James Grennan, who worked previously at Malibu Ranch, will work with Juvie Ortiz to create a working plan for the bike patrol in late January. The City is requiring Bike Patrol for the Eucs project. Marcel is working on getting more Wheelmen involved.

9.      Website/tech Committee – looking for someone to receive updates and make changes on the website.

10.  FASTA – Ian: should receive 50% plan from HilRide any day now. FASTA now has a board of directors, which will meet next month. Rachel is ready to show a FASTA member how to update the FASTA page. Doug.

11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: $500 received from Clint Edwards for 1% for the Planet.


IV.  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.      Morning Glory – Christina: standing water on flattest section, high on both sides.

SBS – Tim (initial planning, work to be done) Spread out everywhere and do mass maintenance. Work to get the North Hazard Peak Trail open SBS,. The existing “stair-steps” are very rutted now. Gary Havas will design and make some poles with numbered flags for crew locations.

Santa Margarita Lake – Drainage issues on Grapevine Trail. Needs help flagging Sunday January 16. Crew leaders Bob, Kathy L.

2.      Moving Dirt – Please do it now! Anywhere it’s needed.

3.      Spring/Summer Schedule: Meeting Tuesday, January 11, 5 pm at Jaffa.

4.      State Parks Request for Crew Leaders for State Trail Days at Coon Creek: A policy decision. Agreed to send crew leaders.

5.      Carrot Fest (Multi-User Trail Ride at MdO) – Kathy Longacre:  A proposal: April thru June; perhaps out of Hazard Parking lot. Demonstrates compatibility and cooperation of the various user groups. Possibly a campout and combine with a regional workday. May 14-15, or April 30, May 1.

6.      Tools – IMBA discount; State Parks Foundation $500.

7.      Wind Wolves – Details: April 8-10. Need deposit of $250, Jeanne will send the check to John. John will start campaigning the event in early January.

8.      Tool Shed at Bettencourt’s: Sell it or keep/move it?

9.      SLO County using CCCMB maps: Parameters

10.  Descending Bikes Stop For All Uphill Traffic – Greg never called meeting to discuss

11.  Presentation at St. Joseph High School – Who: Christina, Joe, John, Doug, Greg. Subjects: areas to ride, maintenance, etiquette, map reading. BRING Maps, enlarged laminated maps, Power Point (10 to 30 minutes), tools. Christina will email committee about date for meeting.

12.  Strategic Planning Session: Should we do this?

13.  Dealing with medical concerns at workdays – Update

14.  Jobs/tasks which CCCMB needs someone to fulfill – How to involve more folks in directors work: Publicity, Recording Secretary, ?


V   Information – Wheelmen did not get bid for Nationals


VI  Other?


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 5:30 p.m.