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February 2009

posted May 20, 2009, 9:27 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 20, 2009, 9:31 AM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




February 17, 2009


Attendees:  Greg Bettencourt,  Doug Carscaden,  Zak DeMeritt, Mary Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins,  Rachel Duchak, Ron Dexter, Tim Sawchuck,  Kelli Schonher, Frank Zika, Joe O’Donnell,  John Cutter, Christie Cutter,  Kyle Elfrink, Jim Aaron,  Andrew Pellkofer,  Margo Clark,  Bob Nanniga, Toni Artho, Dan Palmer, Clint Edwards, Jonalee Istenes,  Rob Urmy, Jess Huselid.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting Rachel moved to approve and Doug seconded.


II   Agenda requests and new minutes process.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work – Johnson Ranch– Doug 3.25 miles to be built, ½+ mile completed. Goal to complete all by end of ‘09. Elevator-Doug – essentially completed; SBS-Ron –  Went well.  Suggestions: Divide crews into two groups – an experienced and un-experienced group. Use color coding to define crews, the way the raffle was organized worked well, hand out the work schedule card, have multiple people assigning participants into crew groups, have a late group for late comers, have a directional person at horse camp, and bring extra tools.  

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  Brochure holders with maps, work schedules and membership form will go in most bike shops this week.  If there are other appropriate spots let Bill know.

3.     Public Relations – Frank: Update – has poster to hand out.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel:  

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: update

6.     Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, and Bike Coalition): Doug, Bob, Ron, Greg, etc: Joe, Atascadero Horsemen – had information from regarding approaching horses when riding, it was suggested that it be put on the website.

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Update –new term – no longer use “water bar”, instead us the term: “rolling drain drip” Rachel requested videos.

8.     Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: Update – Greg received emails complimenting the website.

9.     FASTA – Andrew, Dan: Update found some bells, and looking for money.   FASTA will be at Sea Otter.

10.  Financial Report: Jeanne/Greg – about $4500 in account.


IV Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     San Luis Mountain (on Madonna property): Scheduled February 22, at 9:00 am, will work at one location on perimeter trail below Rock Garden.

2.     MdO Reroute Poster Response: After thoroughly discussing pros and cons of rerouting & abandoning last section of Ridge Trail.  Group voted by substantial majority to go forward with reroute.  CCCMB will continue to use this process of discussing & agreeing to reroutes before committing to them.

3.     Training in Trail Design & Construction: Friday, March 13, Karl Knapp: an on-the-ground skills training; local training site; only 8-10 openings for in the dirt component in afternoon; unlimited openings for classroom part in morning; participants must be committed to use skills in the future (being part of CCCMB); all day program; Email Greg if you are interestedgmbett@charter.net

4.     National Guard’s Request for Sign Cooperation from CCCMB Greg met with the land manager at Camp San Luis with a proposal that they put up signs at three locations where mountain bikers are entering property. Agreed to not participate in the signs.

5.     Things to be learned about CCCMB’s water bars from Shooters Workday – Andrew talked about building rolling drain dips.  Greg will put “lessons to be learned from Shooters maintenance” on the agenda for next month. 


V   Information

1.     Cooperation with Poly on gates & access – Greg talked with Dr. Andy Thulin, head of Animal Science dept. at Cal Poly.  More later.

2.     Video footage request: Contact Rachel

3.     Lopez Lake new trail possibility – Duna Vista trail Extension was approved by County

4.     IMBA Trail Crew in Santa Barbara on March 21 & 22: No report

5.     Greenways Trail Conference April 22-24: No report

6.     Progress on Black Mountain Trail Closure: No report


VI  Other?


Andrew talked about working over the next several years with State Parks in attempt to get policy developed that will allow for downhill/freeride trails in State Parks

Bob Nanniga will have a trail day on Feb 28th at Irish Hills – sign up on the cccmb.org website.


VII   Next Meeting: March 17, 2009


Gary Bissell,
May 20, 2009, 9:29 AM