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February 2010

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




February 16, 2010


Greg and Mary Bettencourt, Frank Zika, Bill Jenkins. Paul Reinhart, Kelli Schonher, Doug Carscaden, Clint Edwards, Gary Havas, Jim Aaron, Tim Sawchuck, Rob Urmy, Dave Morrow, Ryan Curf, Kathy Redden, Ron Dexter, Rachel Duchak, Bob Nanniga, Brian Manini, Dan Rivoire, Ian Anderson, Soquel Schafer


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Paul R. approved, and Mary B seconded minutes as is.


II   Agenda requests.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work –  Super Bowl Sunday – Tim & Ron

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: See report Friends of Lopez Lake will give us $900 (or whatever it takes) for trail building materials, to build three switch backs.

3.     Public Relations – Frank: TV spot on KSBY, Bay news also. Cal Poly class came out. Foothill Cyclery - Josh maybe able to get the TREK demo truck out.  We will discuss a possible “Demo Event” at next meeting.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel: Sent out

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report

6.     Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, and Bike Coalition): Bike Bells and City Projects for 2010 -Doug, Bob, State Parks - Ron, Greg, etc:  East Boundary re-route, Ron met with Kurt Beebe’s crew.  Black Hill gang prepares the trail after flagged.  Doug talked about Froom Ranch; the city will take ownership in July.  Johnson Ranch - second trail was opened this weekend. Elevator looks good. Forest Service, Joe Duran, would like the names of the persons that work on the Morning Glory and Botanicals. Bike Coalition with Bike Kitchen will moving and setting up shop at 860 Pacific.  St Paddy’s day celebration, March 13th at the Ludwig Center will be fundraising for Bike Coalition.

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli:

8.     Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: Rachel is presenting the development of the CCCMB website for a Technology and Trails meeting.

9.     FASTA – Ian: Worked on Shooters, working management agreement, proposal for skills area and non-profit status is on hold.  FASTA would like to be a project of CCCMB. Rachel moved and Jim seconded that CCCMB absorb FASTA as a project of CCCMB. Discussion, Motion passed unanimously.

10.  Financial Report – Jeanne: See report – about $8,000 in bank.


IV Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     Santa Margarita Lake Workday – protocol, date(s), joint ride: Kathy, Ron and Greg met with Rangers and will focus on Grey Pine trail.  Pre-planning workday on Sunday Feb 28, On February 20, 2010 joint ride for bike riders and mountain bikers and trail persons.   Work day is: March 6, 2010. Crew leaders needed. 

2.     Moving Dirt – This is where we will discuss everyone’s “lessons learned” and related topics.  See Below

3.     Regional Crew Leader Protocol – progress? Tim is working on it.

4.     HPT Safety Issues – chicanes, signs, patrol etc.???  Downhill bike speed is a concern.  This is a major issue that CCCMB must address.  More discussion/action to follow.

5.     Socks – How do we REALLY want to handle them and charge? Socks will be available for $5 to members only.

6.     Black Mountain (Morro Bay) Workday March 14, Sunday Jamie Irons

7.     Trail Machine update - Tabled

8.     Greenways Conference, April 21-23 – Equestrian/bike joint ride; other bike ride(s), who is interested in attending? - Tabled


V   Information


1.     Los Flores Ranch in Santa Maria - Tabled

2.     Wind Wolves Campout, May 14 & 15


VI Other?


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 5:30 p.m.




§       Crews – 6-8 persons max, especially if new persons are in group

§       Sign up table at end of line with Joe and another person to assign persons to crew, and ask person if they have come before.

§       Make Crew Leaders more visible

§       Crew leaders could personally invite ringers

§       Signup sheet should have survey – how did you hear about us

§       Which Poly Profs can advertise work days in their classes?

§       Ron and Greg not disagree in public

§       One Person in Charge of a project and when correcting, only talk with the Crew leader.

§       Need a safety talk first.

§       Rolling start – we lost the safety talk and the tool selection process as well as time to chat with friends

§       Two wheeled wheel barrows with ropes to pull would be easier to get up hills

§       First Aid Kit in membership daypack

§       Too many persons on Hazard Peak

§       Have alternate crew leaders take persons to other areas

§       Radios for crew leaders




§       All registration materials are in a day pack which will go to every work day

§       Make OUTSLOPES at bottom of the dip broader and longer

§       Identify one’s particular style of trail maintenance/development

§       Focus on a manageable project

§       Do not try to do everything

§       Have a solid brief safety talk

§       Walk up and back giving instructions

§       Stop on the way up and show persons what good technique is

§       Tool selection is important to portion of trail working on

§       How to deberm trail in rocky conditions (e.g. save which rocks)

§       We have been guessing how many crew leaders may need, should have x number of crew leaders, with x number of crew leaders in reserve.

§       MAKE a crew leader list –

§       Training for Crew Leaders – create a template

§       Have a Crew Leaders training and summit once or twice a year – may be too much work, keep doing pre-rides. Outreach to bring persons into whatever level we need.

§       How to help Crew Leaders communicate – principles of instructions




§       Community Service and Inclusion

§       Outreach and Education

§       Follow up from us

§       Safety for tool use – on web site tips for safe use.

§       Balance amount of work with value of work

§       Focus on immediate job – teach that skill

§       Demonstrate tool use