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January 2009 meeting

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


January 20, 2009

Attendees: Greg Bettencourt, Doug Carscaden, Mary Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Rachel Duchak, Ron Dexter, Tim Sawchuck, Kelli Schonher, Frank Zika, Joe O’Donnell, John Cutter, Paul and Allison Reinhart, Leland O’Conner, Jeanne and Andy Mutziger, Kyle Elfrink, Jim Aaron, Phil Strong, Andrew Pellkofer, Darren St. Angelo, Wendy Miller, Margo Clark (minutes)

Items in Italics – information or discussion on topic

Items in Blue – action items or decisions made

Items in Red – relate to financial matters

I Approval of minutes of previous meeting - Approved and Seconded.

II Agenda Requests and Explanation of new agenda format. Greg explained the new meeting format, asking persons to be briefer in their reports, and asked if anyone was attending the meeting that wanted to add an item to the agenda or wanted to discuss something at the end of the agenda.

II Committee Reports

  1. Trail Work –

Johnson Ranch – Doug had 63 persons showed up, finished 1200 feet more of trail. CCC attended. Poly frat boys as well

Elevator – Doug said that the trail is completed.

Morning Glory and Shooters – Greg - 36 persons showed up and the work went well, more water bars were put in, but some more work needs to be done. CCCMB had more persons work on Shooters and Morninglory than ever before.

  1. Sponsorship & Fundraising – CCCMB will give shops that want one, a brochure rack with maps, membership information and work schedule.

  2. Public relations – Frank – article in the New Times volunteer section about CCCMB.

  3. Newsletter – Rachel – Newsletter (420 copies) were being collated at meeting and will be mailed out.

  4. Membership & Volunteers – Paul and Allison - 16 persons have joined since the beginning of the year. Frank – folks on a separate email group will be asked to join the googlegroup. Paul & Jeanne will keep track of new members with computer program. Rachel suggested sending an auto reply with welcome email some ideas of trail etiquette, etc. We decided to explore how to do this.

  5. Agency and Organization Reports (State Parks, County, and City, forest Service, Bike Coalition): Doug, Bob, Ron, Greg, etc: Ron – Increasing motorcycle use on Cuesta Ridge and other trails. Additional trail may be put in at Lopez Lake -Bill and Bob are interested in designing in the trail. Waiting to hear back from County.

  6. Training Committee –Kelli No report but progress being made.

  7. Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, and Rachel: update – New website completed and committee asked for input. An educational page and a regional crew page will also be added. Bill will put in the Singletrax calendar on the website

  8. FASTA – Andrew, Dan: Update Greg and Ron will get together with FASTA and Neil and Doug to review the free ride area.

  9. Financial report – Jeanne/Greg – CCCMB has about $6500. Jeanne will start doing quick books and Paul will give her the membership information. Rachel was reimbursed for Newsletters – 420 newsletters for $189.56. Paul & Allison reimbursed for stamps $155.40. Greg clarified that although we pay 31/2% of revenues to SLOPOST the reality is SLOPOST has been donating funds every year to CCCMB which more than offsets the cost.

IV Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Super Bowl Sunday Planning: set-up, check in/membership - Frank and Allison and Paul, breakfast – Bill Jenkins is bringing food. Work projects - Ron said crews will be widely spaced out; so many crew leaders are needed. Ron, Bill, Jim, Doug Joe, Andy, Greg will be crew leaders. Greg and Ron will do some scouting out this Saturday, everyone is invited. It is a training opportunity along with a ride. Kelli will post an email to invite others to become crew leaders. Poison Oak discussion will be given to volunteers by Kelli. Raffle items – gift certificates – Bill asked for more gift certificates to be obtained.

  2. Spring and Summer Schedule: how to be disseminated? Greg asked how the spring and summer schedule will be sent out. Rachel showed the schedule on the back of the newsletter. Schedules will also be printed out and taken to Super Bowls Sunday. Rachel asked Leland how to attract more students. Leland suggested contacting the Wheelmen. Frank wanted to have all the names on the Google group to get the new schedule. Ron pointed out that the Newsletter schedule did not include TrailWerks.

  3. Training in Trail Design & Construction by Karl Knapp: Kathy Longacre will pay for a one day trail construction and design workshop for persons who have a long term commitment to CCCMB and trail work. Only Twenty persons can attend and it is on Friday March 13th, 8am to 5pm. Workshop is also available to agency persons as well. Greg suggested paying persons who missed a day of work to attend.

  4. Regional Trail Leaders have surfaced, so CCCMB is thinking of putting the leaders on the website, and connecting persons to their favorite region and to start an email list for each region. Greg decided to put the idea out to the group, agreed to institutionalize this. Bill and Ron may buy more tools for the Regional Trail Leaders. Volunteers: Lopez Lake – Bill; SM Lake – Andy Mutziger; Cerro Cabrillo Paul; Irish Hills – Bob; MDO – Tim Sawchuck; San Luis Obispo w/Shooters and Morning Glory – Andrew Pellkofer. Job description:

    1. Be contact person – be a volunteer, and have skills to fix trails

    2. Keep list of folks interested in working in your area

    3. Keep track of trail needs

    4. Communicate those maintenance need/invite folks to work

    5. Have access to tools

  5. Progress on Black Mountain Trail Closure – There has been numerous complaints to State Parks about using a section as a downhill run. State Parks ignored several complaints until they considered closing that part of the trail to bikes, and invited CCCMB into go to Black Mountain with them and make suggestions. Andrew’s help was praised. Changes were to be adopted, and implemented for six months, and if the downhilling did not stop, closure of the trail may be implemented. Part of the Black Hill discussion had to do with the effects of closing Ridge. Parks and Trail meeting on 1/28/09. CCCMB will bring up an issue of a downhill trail, and downhillers were invited to the Parks and Trail meeting.

V Information

  1. MdO to Avila Trail Schedule More information needed.

  2. Lopez Lake new trail possibility – discussed earlier

  3. IMBA Trial Crew in Santa Barbara on March 21&22

  4. Greenways Trail conference April 22-24. In Yosemite Tenhenya (sp?) Lodge.

  5. MdO trails reroute poster to go out for next meeting.

VI Guest: Leland O’Connor organizer of underground downhill series. Organized races, and is open to suggestions and discussed ideas on how to mitigate impact on trail and other trail users. Suggestions – signs, trail marshals at top and bottom; Ron suggested that the trail be maintained and repaired. Tim Sawchuck recommended that the trail maintenance be required as part of racing entry. Leland will forward trail work days schedule to his 80 members of the group. Andrew gave several suggestions on working with the State Parks and making the races long term. Kelli asked about using bells and it was suggested that Farm Supply had inexpensive bells. Also suggested that racers avoid Irish Hills, MdO. Joe O’Donnell suggested that the race group get more involved in issues. Doug said that preserving the natural resources were the most important. Leland stated he intended to not use Black Hill, MdO or Irish Hills for races, would ask participants to do maintenance and would use “monitors” at bottom of popular trails.

Andrew Pellkofer (FASTA) will get help from Cal Poly in GIS map making, and asked if CCCMB had any maps they wanted to make. Concern was expressed over mapping illegal trails. Greg mentioned that we could present the illegal trails to land managers at a meeting. Andrew went to a conference in Colorado, and met Gravity Logic who has been supplying Andrew has lots of information from them to help further the goals CCCMB.