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January 2010

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING MINUTES - January 19, 2010


ATTENDING: Greg Robinson, Kelli Schonher, Jeanne Mutzinger, Joe O’Donnell, Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Paul Reinhardt, Toni Arturo, Tim Sawchuck, Ron Dexter, Wes Rowland, Mary Bettencourt, Bob Nanninga, Kathy Redden, John Cutter, Doug Carscaden, Soquel, Gary Havas, Scott McRoberts, Kirk and PJ Robertson, Frank Zika, Colby _____, Ian Anderson, Jim Aarons.


I. Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Jeanne, 2nd – Tim S.


II.   Agenda requests: None.


III.   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work:  Botanicals / M.G. – Greg R., Doug: lots of work, lots of people, needs a few revisions and some brush work; 70 people. Great crews exceeded expectations. No negative feedback received so far. 30 first-time people.

Suggestions: offer carpooling, shuttles.

2.     Sponsorship & FundraisingBill: Re: Maps Do we want to buy more?  Do we need to do any revisions? Maps in Santa Maria and with Bike Valet.  May update the front (info) side.  Friends of Lopez Lake offering funds for materials for work. May need Grizzly Academy to get tools and materials up the hill.

3.     Public Relations – Frank: Postcards going out to everyone. Stuff from Pedal Power going out for Super Bowl Sunday. Newsletter – Rachel / Toni: Paul R. gave Toni the mailing list. Please submit all requested articles to Rachel asap.

4.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report & brochure. Google Groups invitation/acceptance process depends on acceptance and the invitations may be ending up in the spam file. Or just not wanted.  Paul will check #s of unverified and decide whether to send non-google emails first. 

5.     Agency & Organization Reports: State Parks/MdO – Hazard Peak Trail North Slope is designed and first cut has been made and is ready for construction. East Boundary reroute – ready for fine flagging. Valencia Peak Trail and main route to Oats Peak is in process, using part of AT&T mitigation funds. Doug: Johnson Ranch is closed due to wet conditions; 2nd loop is nearly ready. Closing Lemon Grove, King and Mariposa. Trails. Neil is open to ideas about resolving issues near Elevator. City Projects for 2010 - Doug: possible joint projects with Forest Service. Forest Service – Joe will talk to Lloyd McWilliams re: help keeping motorcycles off Fernandez.

6.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: See report

7.     Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel. No report

8.     FASTA – Ian has finished by-laws; Dan will be working on management plan.

9.      Financial ReportJeanne. $6,933.06.  Funding from SLOBC arrived today.  We will now be receiving SLOBC funding in January instead of waiting for October of distribution year.


IV.           Items Requiring Discussion or Action


1.     Super Bowl Sunday Workday

Food: House of Breads, Boston Bagels is closed now. Coffee - Bill , juice, napkins, cups, etc. - Greg

Crew leaders - Ron: Leaders identified. Rolling start requires leaders to attend scouting day. Wear green “Crew” t-shirts and put an orange pin flag on a tool or something to locate/identify.

Raffle: Voler, Pedal Power, various gift certificates. Will use “grab bag” process per 2009.

Bike Bells: Bill is in process of ordering. Up to $600, (added $200 to the $400 voted in December) will have logo. Moved by Jeanne (only if they’re cute;-), 2nd Mary.

Sign-in Protocol:  Will use sign-in table – Paul; membership – Jeanne; clipboards to assign to crews - Joe

2.     Moving Dirt – Ron: Take a walk with a shovel to see what the water is doing and do some trail work. Inviting input per phone.  Also invited everyone to contribute to the monthly Moving Dirt discussions.

3.     Regional Crew Leader Protocol – Tim and Margo working on this; it’ll be ready for input at next meeting and to use for March workday.

4.     Introduce Kathy Redden, Santa Margarita Lake Regional Crew Leader: Back Country Horsemen meeting tomorrow and will share trail info. Equestrian groups are publishing trail work info in newsletters.

5.     1% for the Planet – Clint’s offer explained by Greg. Rachel will fill out the application with support by Greg B’s if needed. Greg B. recommends Rachel attend Non-profit Resource Center Grant Writing Workshop. Jeanne will ask SLOPOST to fund workshop registration.  Decided: if SLOPOST doesn’t CCCMB will cover.

6.     CCCMB Brochure – do we invest in a nicer brochure?  If so, who wants to help? Decided Yes.  Jeanne will contact Cal Poly graphics group for design. Frank will chair the “Brochure Design Committee” (Frank, Margo, Tim, Greg).

7.     Wind Wolves Campout, May 14 & 15. Group camp-site, docent-led rock art walk, some mountain biking allowed; there are volunteer opportunities. May be limited to 40 campers. Save the date; more info is forthcoming from Margo. Reservation to be made through Margo. Joe moved to pay the $250 reservation fee, John Cutter 2nd.  Assumed that campers will reimburse CCCMB.

8.     Home Depot Grant – denied.

9.     Problem with Inviting folks to Google Group – how to resolve  See above under Membership.

10.  Thank you lettersBill Jenkins sends TY letters to sponsors.  Jeanne sends to donor/members. Frank sends to organization and agency partners.

11.  Bike Bells for SBS – see above under SBS.

12.  Greenways Conference, April 21-23 – Proposals submitted, leading a bike ride(s), scholarships available, should CCCMB pay for a table? Rachel submitted a proposal for a workshop on creating a website for your organization.  Greg B., Kathy L. and Juvie Ortiz of State Parks submitted a proposal for a workshop on cooperation among organizations and user-groups. Jim Aaron proposed leading a mountain bike ride at East West Ranch. Jeanne offered to lead a ride.

Paul R. moved, Jim Aaron 2nd to reserve a table at the Greenways Conference not to exceed $500.

V.   Information

   1.  Trail machine – the idea keeps resurfacing

   2.  Mtn. Bike Patrol –report by Tim S.


VI.  Other


VII.   Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 15, 2010, 5:30 p.m.