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June 2009

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

MEETING MINUTES - June 16, 2009

Attending: Kelli, Paul R., Greg B., John C., Frank Z., Bill J., Bob N., Tim S., Joe O., Rob Urmy., Mary B., Soquel (Cal Poly), Clint Edwards, Kathy Longacre

I. Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Paul R. approved, Bill J. second..

II. Agenda requests. None.

III. Committee Reports

  1. Trail Work –

  • Johnson Ranch (flagging & popularity, opening party) Complete Success

  • MdO: Trails didn’t show as much wear as expected from the equestrian endurance race. Greg, Ron and Rob brushed most of Barranca w/ 3 new workers (certificate winner: Rob Urmy)

  • Lopez – Bill: 45 people, 10 C’s, main project plus 2 water drainage areas. Plan discussion in August re: 3CMB will coordinate with ECOSLO again next year.

  1. Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Status of maps at shops. Trinity took 2 packages. Bike Valet would like to sell/give away maps as well. Maps, newsletters and order forms in a zip lock to each shop. Final cost = 16.7c per map. Greg will offer to Greg Hind. Bill, Paul and Kelli getting maps enlarged as posters. (Costco = best price)

  2. Public Relations – Frank: Update;

  • Power Pt. - Presented to Wheelmen. May need a different approach for SLOBC.

  • CCMagazine: Very good article on 3CMB and volunteering on the Johnson Ranch.

  • Thank-yous – Received from Red Davis/SLOBC and from birthday party. Thank-you notes should be sent to land managers, city council, supervisors, sponsors, volunteer groups, members, etc. Move to approve expenditure of $250 for this mailing. (Frank and Tim S.). Frank will generate letters. Paul and Allison will mail

  1. Newsletter – Rachel: No report.

  2. Membership & Volunteers – Paul: update: 78 members, 495 on contact list, 1700 official hours, 288 individuals have volunteered this year.

  3. Agency & Organization Reports

  • State Parks – Greg met with Nick Franco: Nobody knows what’s happening with State Parks. Abel Maldonado reported a 17” high stack of faxes, etc. Closing State Parks would jeopardize the Wild Cherry Canyon project.

    • Kathy Longacre suggests that PCLR & CCCMB send a letter to the Board of Supervisors to the effect that Pacific Longriders is donating $2,000 and 3CMB is donating 1,000 hours @ $15/hour for the Wild Cherry Canyon project.

  • SB County – Los Flores Ranch south of Santa Maria. Only fire-roads, docent-led only. Bill will research this.

  • City - ?

  • Forest Service - ?

  • Bike Coalition: Doug, Bob, Ron, Greg, etc: Education/Training Committee – Kelli will set up booth for SLO Crit as “Sustainable vs. Unsustainable” and update the “Name that Trail”. John suggested a sandbox for….. Volunteers: Soquel, Frank, Bill

  1. Website/tech Committee – Paul, Morgan, Daniel, Rachel – no report.

  2. FASTA – Andrew, Dan: (See below)

  3. Financial Report: Jeanne – $4,900 in account.

IV. Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Upcoming Workdays: To Be Announced,

  • July 11 (Ride In) – Brushing Morning Glory. Meet at Stenner at 9 AM, bring your bike and day pack.

  1. State Parks Closures & CCCMB – Letters, emails, 20th, other actions. Greg will ask Nick Franco about MdO fees issue coming before the Bd. Of Sups. If it’s on Tuesday June 23, Greg will send an email out to the membership about communicating to Gibson.

  2. Lopez Lake Plan: work plan, outreach, illegal trail, ECOSLO

  • Bill – work will be ongoing, in cooperation with the County, Friends of Lopez Lake, local trail builders and ECOSLO.

  • Bill and Greg met with 3 of the 6 illegal trail-builders. They are local, enthusiastic and interested in making Lopez a destination, but they need the skills to build sustainable trails. They will abandon their project and help 3CMB. Ranger Dan seeking approval for new trails.

  • South County trail-users need to make a list of desired projects, prioritize them and get started.

  1. Planning for next year and Committee reports/goals for August meeting idea:

  • Prior to August meeting committees will develop a proposed set of goals for the year

  • Draft to be sent to directors 2-3 days before August meeting.

  • Proposed goals will be considered at August meeting.

  • Greg will remind committees in August.

  1. FASTA – CCCMB Update and Strategy: Greg and Andrew and/or Dan have taken 5 of the 7 commissioners out to Shooter’s to review the project with positive results.

  • Kelli will supervise the organization of speakers and other communications for the August Parks and Rec commission meeting on Aug. 4.

  • Paul D. will send out a sample letter with

  • Jim Aaron will distribute and collect petitions

  • Greg will solicit letters of support from various agencies

  • Andrew & Dan will put together a Management Plan to give to commissioners

  • Tim Sawchuck will focus on getting a crowd to the August 4th meeting

  1. Party in August to kick-off new season: At Johnson Ranch at Doug’s house. Kathy will donate $$$ for food; Jim Aaron to bring Thirst Response Unit. BBQ provided, guests to bring side dishes. Sorting out details will be on the July agenda.

V Information

1. Begin thinking about goals for next year. Tabled

2. Surfrider Five Ten production - Tabled

3. New Railroad cop - Tabled

VI Other?

VII Next Meeting: July 15, 2009