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June 2010 Minutes

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




June 15, 2010


Attending: Bill Jenkins, Doug Carscaden, Ron Dexter, Paul Reinhardt, Frank Zika, Greg Bettencourt, Tim Sawchuck, John Cutter, Jim Aarons, Ian Anderson, Jeanne Mutzinger, Gary Havas, Joe O’Donnell, Mary Bettencourt.

I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting – Tim approved, Jeanne 2nd.


II   Agenda requests - none


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail WorkLopez – Bill: 29 workers at the workday, 8 of whom were 1st timers. The work is now 60% done. (Ron, Bill, Bob and Matt finished except for filling in with dirt.) Friends of Lopez (FoL) brought sandwiches. A regular from Lopez won the prize and brought his family. Grizzly students 210 hours. ECOSLO 57, 630.5 total for Lopez. Will flag when everyone’s back from vacation. Used 1/2 the wood. FoL/SLOPOST donor (equestrian) may donate for more brushing to be done. Bill will find out if this means donation or wages.


 SMLake – Joe: 30 volunteers for the workday, including Supervisor Jim Patterson, Curtis Black, who was very complimentary of the work, and Bruce Bonifas. There were 8 or 10 equestrians. The culvert is in. It is very dry. Jim Patterson provided lunch. Some work needs to be done before the next rains. This would be a good time for Kathy L:, Greg B. and Ron to bring county staff out to see if something can be worked out re: the private inholding.

Fernandez – Joe; The crew of 9 worked from the middle up to Black Widow and then from the middle up to the upper road. There was star thistle in patches.

M.G. – Jim Aaron: FASTA/NEXUS brushed. Shooters is in good shape.


2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  See report sent. Equestrians really like the bells. The manufacturer would like a quote or story from 3CMB to post on their website, with a 3CMB link. Matt Bennetti works with Bill at Lopez on Thursdays and has offered the use of membership/volunteer tracking software at a very reasonable rate or donation: SalesForceFoundation.org. Tim: 391 bells given out at MdO. Report/spreadsheet submitted.


3.     Public Relations – Frank: The Power Point is finished. The next project is the brochure. He is working with Kathy L’s sister (graphic designer who teaches at Cal Poly).

4.     Newsletter – Rachel: no report. Discussion: wait until September, when schedule is ready – agreed. For July agenda: what about emailed newsletters, as PDF or ??


5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: please submit hours for the trail tracker by July.


6.     Agency & Organization Reports  Doug/City of SLO: Expecting Froom Ranch project will be complete in August following work with BLM re: recreational rights. FASTA is on the SLO City Council agenda for July. New Parks and Rec. Director as of July 1: Shelley Stanwyk. Doug/Forest Service: Forest Service says they are interested in following up on a trail maintenance agreement for M.G. and Shooters.

State Parks – Ron: Curt Beebee’s crew is following and cutting on the MdO reroute. 6 volunteers brushed East Boundary from the Barranca turnoff to the south slope. The trail degraded around the flattened and covered pavers, is now repaired, but what is the long term solution? Probably will need to make paved portion wider. The crew used the vibra-plate, the motorized wheelbarrow, pavers, etc.


7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: see report


8.     Bike Patrol at MdO  Joe, Tim: 5 or 6 “Ambassadors” with jerseys. Juvi is very receptive. Tim has found 5 state parks that have bike patrols and policies for Juvi to review.


9.     Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: no report.


10.  FASTA – Jim A: FASTA is working on a “flow trail” to connect with Elevator as well as routes within the grove and integrate with the main path through the eucs. Ian: Working on flagging, waiting for approval from City.


11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: PayPal is reopened and will be available on the website.  FASTA is a CCCMB “regional crew” and funds will be tracked within the 3CMB P & L as a line item or “regional crew”.  Income: $1155.31. Equity: 6260.23.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     TBA Workday in July Morning Glory and walk in from the bottom. Discussed purchase of fire extinguishers to have available when using power tools. Also pipe installation to deter motorcycles at Shooters and Botanicals (see below)


2.     Moving Dirt – No discussion this month


3.     IMBA Summit – Short Report & Possible Party/Idea Exchange (& money return) Will combine IMBA report and strategic planning at the Ludwig Center on Monday evening June 21 from 6 to 9 PM. Pizza and beverages will be provided.


4.     West Cuesta RidgeGuns, Motorcycles and Gates: Joe received a letter from Lloyd saying that the Forest Service has materials for posts. Discussion of whether it is worth the effort to make barriers to motorcycles and in what manner. Posts similar to Lemon Grove? Dan (city staff) to flame-cut “No Motorcycles” sign. Posts at top Shooters and Botanicals? Proposed that this be done at July work day. Greg: Discussion of whether to “get behind the idea of gating W. Cuesta Ridge. Kathleen Phelps (of Forest Servce) recommended this years ago.” Forest Service new policy: no target practice.  Close the gate to preserve the roads? Consequences to FASTA?


5.     Handling Medical Concerns at Workdays – Procedure & Supplies:

a.     Volunteers are to sign a waiver at least once a year. This is to be at the bottom of the membership application

b.     The waiver is also to be at the top of all sign-in sheets.

c.     A “Signs and Symptoms” sheet is to be distributed to all crew leaders, ambassadors and bike patrol members.

d.     Each crew leader should have and use a checklist for volunteers (shoes, eye protection, water, etc.) at their safety talk before starting up the trail.

e.     Crew leaders have the right to decline to take on a volunteer who is unsafe. Included this in the waiver?

f.      Each crew leader is to have a First Aid Kit. Greg R. will design the kits. Jeanne and Mary will purchase and assemble the kits.


6.     Use of GoogleGroup: What is OK, What is Not – Who Decides & How? Tabled


7.     Wild Cherry Canyon Update – Next obstacle is the vote in Sacramento to accept the property.


V   Information

1.     Greenways Conference Thank You letter


VI  Other. None.


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 5:30 p.m. 

Gary Bissell,
Sep 21, 2010, 4:45 PM