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March 2009 minutes

posted May 20, 2009, 9:32 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 20, 2009, 9:32 AM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




March 17, 2009


Attended: Jeanne Mutzinger, Paul Reinhardt, Alison Reinhardt, Kelli Schonher, Rachel Duchak, Tim Sawchuck, Bill Jenkins, Greg Bettencourt, Frank Zika, Bob Nanninga, Bob Urmy, Doug Carscaden, Ron Dexter, Clint Edwards, Joe O’Donnell, John Cutter, Dave Morrow, Dan Palmer, Andrew Pellkofer, Marcel Stever, Daniel Beardsley, Mary Bettencourt.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Rachel moved to pass, Bill 2nd.


II   Agenda requests and “new minutes” process.

  • Greg introduced new 3cmb business cards


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work:

o      Johnson Ranch– Doug: 5th day w/ CCC’s, 15 to 18 workers at a time. Finished to the junk pile; 1900 ft. done and they’re doing a good job. Will continue flagging to have trail to build all spring.

o      Madonna Property – Kelli: cancelled due to rain, a few worked and got most important elements done. Toni and Greg R. finished the pass-thru gate.  Thanks!

o      Fernandez – Joe: 10 people got all down trees out. Rebuilt waterbars on all of lower section. Brushed well.  Unofficial downhill race to be held there.  Will be checking for damage after.

o      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill:  Brochure holders – all shops have them except 2. Maps very popular and at 50 cents each expensive to give away.  Discussed alternatives. 

o      Charge for maps?

o      Check out GotPrint & Vista Print.

o      Recoup expenses another way, e.g. selling new t-shirts?

o      Frank: trade maps for shwag?

o      Consensus is “Don’t sell them.” Revisit next meeting with pricing options.

2.     Public Relations – Frank: Likely events? 

o      Bike Month Breakfast: Jeanne: 3cmb events for May are on the Bike Month web page. Historically, there are sponsored breakfasts near Del Monte Café for bike-commuters from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. on a weekday. Would 3cmb like to do one? The group said “yes” and a list was circulated for volunteers, Jeanne will determine date and coordinate with other volunteers.

o      Event for Easy-Up? Last bike shop sale we attended wasn’t worth it.  Might try Art’s in spring.

o      KSBY – news event for TrailWerks? Will try to get them to Johnson Ranch at a work day previous to TrailWerks – April 4.  So can be used to pump up TrailWerks.

o      Cal Poly Wellness Day May 20 – Marcel will send the link to Frank.

3.     Newsletter – One coming up for April/May. John C will write one on the history of TrailWerks. Rachel and Greg will come up ideas for more articles.

4.     Membership & Volunteers –

o      67 paid members as of this month.

o      Martin Sanders won the drawing.  Paul will mail him a gift certificate.

o      1250 volunteer hours since Sept. 2008 from standard workdays (i.e. excludes extra workdays).  Well over 200 hours of additional work on unscheduled work days.

5.     Agency & Organization Reports

o      State Parks – info on Wild Cherry Ranch, Greg and Kathy L. spoke in favor at the Parks and Rec Commission Meeting.

o      County – Ranger Chuck Woodard and Bill Jenkins will be starting an extension of Duna Vista Trail at Lopez Lake the end of this month.

o      City: See Johnson Ranch

o      Forest Service – no report

o      Bike Coalition – no report

6.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: The website has “Gone Live” with the education page. Core concepts can be printed out as hand-outs at a work day, but there’s much more explanation on web. Ed. Committee to get together to further improve materials.

7.     Website/tech Committee –

o      Clint re: Google maps should have a flag for Johnson Ranch.  Rachel to handle

o      Bill needs someone to edit Phil Reimer’s video. Tim Sawchuck has the helmet cam video and will give it to Rachel, who will see that it is edited.

8.     FASTA – Andrew, Dan:

o      Update: Have been unable to meet with Neil Havlik.

o      FASTA meets the first Tuesday of every month at Central Coast Brewing at 7 PM.

9.     Financial Report:

o      Jeanne/Greg “We have $$> $480 in new membership. $413.20 in bills.  Transfer $2500 from SLOPOST. Balance today $6,900.

o      Ron D: We’ll be spending $2000 on tools soon.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action:

1.     Karl Knapp Design Training: Feedback

o      Bill & Andrew: Karl stated he’d prefer single use because every user group has their own needs, etc. There are other user group, e.g. animals, etc.

o      Hydrology: RDD’s need to be in drainages. Kelli: He said off-slope 5-15%.

o      Ron D: Our design standards are very similar

o      Universally positive feedback on workshop

2.     Trail Werks April 18 Johnson Ranch  (also Johnson Ranch workday April 4):

o      Doug – OK for traditional Trail Werks, will contact crew leaders, determine scope of work.

o      John Cutter will “co-coordinate with Doug

o      Bill: The usual breakfast, Boston Bagels, House of Breads, fruit, etc.

o      Doug: will work with City to provide lunch, e.g. burgers, Marcel request Polish Dogs. Doug’s Dad will BBQ, Doug and crew will take care of Costco stuff.

o      Volunteers needed for prep-to-eat; check-in, raffle,

o      Bill: asking all to look for/ask around for gift certificates, shwag gathering. Bob N. will contact Dan Weber at Trader Joe’s.  Restaurant certs. Particularly popular

o      Because Sea Otter is same day we will send email out saying “If you’re going to Sea Otter on the 18th, come out the week on April 4th.”

o      T-Shirts from SLO Rangers? Doug: City will pay for 60 more.

o      Leadership Group may help with breakfast or ? Doug will contact Greg

o      Sign-ups & sign ins

o      We’ll do a rolling start to expidite getting started e.g. Crew bosses to do safety talk.

o      Tools – Will use CCCMB & City tools.  Ron is ordering more.

    Public relations:

o      Banners – looking for locations, Cerro San Luis?

o      Marcel will do Cal Poly fliers

o      Press releases, articles - Frank

o      Posters – Jeanne will put them up.


3.     New T-Shirt Idea: Idea is to have a general CCCMB t-shirt that would be designed to sell (not give away).  Group wants more info as to price and design before deciding.  Distribution, handling, pricing are issues to address.  Rachel will bring more info to next mtg.

4.     Things to be learned about CCCMB’s waterbars from Shooters Workday & subsequent FASTA work – Andrew & Dan:

o      RDD’s that are more fun, larger and longer; to replace shorter, sharper ones that are more abrupt, therefore really rough.

o      More concerned about the creation of spillways, which concentrate the water creating a “nick points” which eventually become gullies.

o      Remedied with the result of channeling the water into areas of vegetation.

5.     Regional Crew Leader Program: tools, website, recruitment, other? Tabled

6.      Sea Otter IMBA Summit, etc.: participants? Greg will ask via email

V   Information:

1.     Greenways Trail Conference April 22-24

2.     Marcel – Kelly Colditz is graduating and Marcel Stever is stepping up for campus emails, PR, recruitment.  Will help recruit students for trailwork. 

3.     Cooperation with Poly on gates & access

4.     IMBA Trail Crew in Santa Barbara on March 26 – 29.

5.     Progress on Black Mountain Trail Closure


VI  Other - ?


VII   Next Meeting: April 21, 2009 

Gary Bissell,
May 20, 2009, 9:32 AM