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March 2010

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[Minutes in pdf form are attached to the end of this post]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




March 16, 2010


Greg and Mary Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins. Paul Reinhart, Kelli Schonher, Doug Carscaden, Gary Havas, Tim Sawchuck, Kathy Redden, Ron Dexter, Rachel Duchak, Bob Nanniga, David Hamilton, Frank Zika. Ian Anderson, Jamie Hoffman,  Joe O’Donnell, Margo Clark-minutes.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Approved by Jeanne and seconded by Paul.


II   Agenda requests.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work –  Santa Margarita Lake – Kathy & Ron – Very successful, 27 persons attended, 9 horse people.  Ron suggested better organization in dispersing the people next time. Black Hill - Jamie/Greg; Very successful work day, 30 people. One complaint.  Lopez – Bill – Ordered supplies, and will flag this Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Kelli asked about using the flagging as an educational opportunity.

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Maps about 150 to 200 of each map left.  Should consider ordering more. Motion to print 1000 of each map, moved by Tim, seconded by Jeanne.  Kelli will order 6000 maps. Kathy Redden will ask the feed stores if they would like to sell maps.

3.     Public Relations – Frank: New Brochure will be done by Kathy Longacre’s sister Lorraine.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel:

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report

6.     Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, Bike Coalition):  State Parks - Ron, reroute going well. Greg, etc:  Doug said SLO is getting closer to purchasing Froom. Stenner trails plan meeting with Neil to be scheduled.

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Directors adopted the Committee’s recommended Crew Leader/Trail Stewards Recruitment and Training Program Report.  The following are additions and changes to the report.

1.     Kelli will organize the initial process and develop a self-evaluation form and a skills checklist for “teachers” to use.

2.     Decided that prospective Crew Leaders & Stewards will need to participate in a minimum of three training opportunities and Crew Leaders will serve as an assistant Crew Leader for minimum three work days with different crew leaders.    

3.     Each prospective Crew Leader will complete a self evaluation of skills and leadership abilities at the beginning and the end of training. Kelli will put together the self evaluation form and manage the list. 

4.     Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: No report

5.     FASTA – Ian: Progress - Management Plan will be finished and sent to Neil Havlick, April 1, and doing trail work on Shooters.

   8.  Financial Report – Jeanne: See report - We have a total of $7,638.59 after all bills and money received through today.  $100 was approved for Crew leader hats.  Paul motioned and Kelli seconded, all approved.  


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     Irish Hills Workday – protocol, Planning Date? Scope of work? Bob Nanniga - April 10th , planning on up to 100 persons. Planning Prep day will be April 3rd, at 9:00 a.m.

2.     Moving Dirt – Brushing as a Use Management Tool – By Ron Dexter, Kelli took notes.

3.     Regional Crew Leader Protocol – How does it get used?  Tim is putting it into four parts, with a checklist.  Frank said really helps with bringing in more people.  Directors agreed that Regional Crew Leaders would have flexibility as to what parts they used with understanding that certain things (like quality email announcements) are very important.

4.     HPT Safety Issues – Appropriate strategy?  chicanes, signs, patrol, bells, fliers,  carsonite signs, brushing corners to improve line of sight. Greg suggested creating a culture which encourages persons to stop for uphill traffic.  He asked for ideas/assistance.   

5.     Bells at HPT – do we need to buy more? Greg motioned Bob seconded to allocate $500 dollars toward bells.  Bill will order 250 more bells.

6.     Bike Patrol at MdO: If, How & Who? Greg R and Joe O became Certified Instructors for Bike Patrol.  Committee will begin organization process.

7.     Greenways Conference, April 21-23 – Equestrian/bike joint ride; SLOPOST & CCCMB scholarships Joint Equestrian/Bicycle Ride on Saturday and BBQ afterwards.  CCCMB will cooperate.  9:00 a.m. at Horse Ride and BBQ after.  CCCMB folks are invited.

8.     IMBA Summit May 5-8: possible CCCMB scholarship? Tim motioned and Kelli seconded, and passed for scholarships for Greg and Mary Bettencourt totaling $600

9.     Use of GoogleGroup: What is OK, What is Not – Answer Bill’s Questions  - Tabled

10.  Crew leader list – Synch with Education Comm. Recommendations - Tabled


V   Information

1.     Trail Machine update:

2.     Los Flores Ranch in Santa Maria

3.     Wind Wolves Campout, May 14 & 15 – Happening.


VI  Other?


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 5:30 p.m. 

Gary Bissell,
Jun 8, 2010, 10:35 AM