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May 2009 minutes

posted Jul 27, 2009, 12:20 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 27, 2009, 12:21 PM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

MEETING Minutes - May 19, 2009

Attending: Jeanne Mutzinger, John Cutter, Greg Bettencourt, Ron Dexter, Frank Zika, Joe O’Donnell., Bill Jenkins. Paul Reinhart. Christie Cutter Rachel Duchak., Doug Carscaden, Clint, Dan Palmer, Robbie Jamison, Jim Aaron, Andrew Pelkoffer, Soquel of Cal Poly (new Outreach Coordinator for Wheelmen)

I. Approval of minutes of previous meeting. – Bill approved and Rachel second.

II. Agenda requests: Robbie Jamison re: Cal Poly Senior Project. Distributed questionnaires to the group; asking for feedback at rhjamiso@calpoly.edu. He plans to conduct an online survey using 3CMB’s email contact list. The group suggested he include “Why do you volunteer for CCCMB?” and/or “Why would you volunteer for CCCMB?”

III. Committee Reports:

  1. Trail Work –

  • Johnson Ranch – Doug: On schedule, opening on Friday.

  • SML – Ron: 3 people, Grey Pine (see submitted report).

  • Lopez – Bill: 5 people, redid RDD’s. He will start going out each Tuesday morning. Jeannie (??) Friends of Lopez Lake brought out lunch and beverages.

  • Prewitt – Joe, Ron: 6 people total, put in 45 hours over 2 days.Toni won the prize. Did great work. Fixed the biggest hole.

  1. Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Status of map order – Maps will be in by June 1. Sell to bike shops for $0.25 each. Shops can sell them or give them away.

  2. Public Relations –

  • Frank: Update: no report.

  • Presentation for SLOBC in fall – update: Jeanne distributed the first draft of power point and asked for feedback.

  1. Newsletter – Rachel. This is the last hard copy version of the newsletter. ~ 400. May go to members as PDF and/or hard copy starting in August.

  2. Membership & Volunteers – Paul: update. ~ 1710 hours excluding website hours. (910 hours for Johnson Ranch, per Doug).

  3. Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, Bike Coalition): Ron: Continuing to route-find at Santa Margarita Lake.

  4. Education/Training Committee – See newsletter.

  5. Website/tech Committee – Rachel reported that around 150 people visit the 3CMB website per month and mostly go straight to Kelli’s maps. She will ask Daniel to investigate installing “Donate Now” buttons.

  6. FASTA – Andrew, Dan: See below

  7. Financial Report: Jeanne: $6,324.

IV. Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Upcoming June Workdays:

    1. MdO, June 7 Ron: brushing Barranca will require about 10 people.

    2. Lopez with ECOSLO, June 7. We will advertise both MdO & Lopez workdays for the 7th

  2. Johnson Ranch after-work CCCMB Party/Ride May 22, 6-8 p.m.: Rachel will email an invitation to the list-serve.

  3. Information: Bike Month Breakfast - Jeanne will email an invitation to the list-serve.

  4. FASTA – CCCMB Update and Strategy

In order to be legal language allowing a FASTA project must be included in the city’s conservation plan for the property. The plan needs to be passed by the city in three steps: Parks and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission; City Council. Anticipating some objections to a FASTA type project in the Stenner Springs property, CCCMB & FASTA have begun a campaign to educate/convince the city decision makers of the projects appropriateness

The strategy has several components:

    1. taking commissioners on a site visit

    2. provide commissioners written summary of CCCMB history and goals

    3. soliciting letters of support from other public agencies with whom CCCMB has worked

    4. presenting a petition with supporters signatures (available at bike shops)

    5. soliciting letters of support from supporters (who are not land managers)

    6. making sure we have a crowd at the various meetings

    7. identifying about 12 individuals to speak at public meetings

    8. write an overview of the FASTA proposal to include in the draft conservation plan

    9. write a “draft trail management plan” to give to decision makers as supplemental material

    10. write a one page response to “most frequently asked questions” (e.g. liability, etc.)

    11. survey numbers of cyclists using Stenner Springs property

  1. Decision: SLOCrit – Is it worth $150 -$200 to have a booth July 5th? Kelli will wo-man the booth. Rachel: Allocate $200 for this event. Bill seconds. Approved up to $200

  2. Decision: How much are we willing to invest in Foothill’s “Trails/CCCMB Display”. Bill: Josh has enlarged and laminated the maps. Bill has found an economical price at Costco. Andrew says possibly Cal Poly. Jeanne: Approved $100 for these enlarged, laminated posters for 3CMB booths, etc. Mary seconded. Approved.

  3. Helping Santa Barbara club with fire damaged trails: Joe will contact Chris Orr and info will go out on the list-serve.

V. Information:

  1. Begin thinking about goals for next year:

Work better with Cal Poly Wheelmen and vice-versa?

  • Ask list-serve for input on where to work.

  • Calendar needs to be coordinated with other groups – earlier.

  • Morning Glory work could be done in rainy season, including reroutes as discussed.

  • Strengthen the Regional Work Groups Project – BRAINSTORM

    1. Launch that web page.

    2. Have a big work-day at Lopez and at Santa Margarita to kick-off the regional program. This requires identification and preparation of projects.

    3. Adoption by bike-shops? Needs to be coordinated with regional leaders.

    4. “Ride, Don’t Slide” signs with 3CMB logo. “Compliments of 3CMB” or ???

  1. What do we count as volunteer hours? Membership work? Website work? Etc. - tabled

VI. Other.

VII. Next meeting? June 16, 2009