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May 2012

posted Jul 8, 2012, 11:59 AM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Jul 8, 2012, 11:59 AM by Gary Bissell ]

  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

MEETING Minutes May 15, 2012


Attending: Kathy Redden, Christie Cutter, Greg Bettencourt, Jeanne Mutzinger, John Cutter, Tim Sawchuck, Doug Carscaden, Lynne Latronica, Bill Jenkins, Jim Atchison, Kelli Schonher, Stephanie ____, Bob Nanninga, Ben Broshears, Frank Zika, Ian Anderson, Mary Bettencourt


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Jeanne approved, Kelli 2nd.  


II   Agenda requests – Ben attended the open house.


III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – Fernandez – Good turnout.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: See report

3.      Publicity – Frank: Structuring/restructuring this committee. Focus of Frank’s efforts will change from recruiting dirt workers to recruiting skilled, experienced folks to join the CCCMB Directors group.  Will do this as part of a organization wide effort.

4.      FASTA – Ian, Tucker, Doug: Update: Compliance issues report. Tom has made permanent, routed wooden signs for entrances, features, etc. There will be a sign at the staging area – in process. Installed bridge across the “double rolling drain dip”.  FASTA will be in compliance after May 20 workday.

5.      Newsletter/Enewsletter – Lynne Latronica: per submitted report. 505 sent 203 opened (same as last time) 45 click throughs, 17 bounces.  Next one in Sept and will contain Fall/Winter Schedule. Everyone: please submit information for next e-newsletter.

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: report submitted.

7.      Agency & Organization Reports:

SMLake/Sapwi Trail – Kathy R.: waiting for biologist to submit report to the County. Involves seriously heavy brushwork.

State Parks: State Parks staff has invited 3CMB to start discussions of next project following Oats Peak.

Forest Service: The new Non-Motorized Trail Users Committee met on 5/14 and agreed on four goals for working with the Los Padres FS: 1) Forest wide biological analysis to determine what trails can be worked on; 2) Streamline process for getting permission to do a trail project; 3) Continue crew leader training process (VWA) – Forest wide and Forest approved; 4) Establish a maintenance training for crew leaders based on standards which are Forest-wide and Forest approved. Meeting with the Forest Service at noon, Thurs. June 21. NMTU Committee meets for lunch at noon.

8.      Education/Training Committee - Kelli: Tim moves, Kelli 2nd to donate $100 to the Pacific Crest Trail Association in thanks for sending their trail work curriculum materials.

9.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Greg R., Joe, Tim, Bob: No change.

10.  Website/tech Committee – Tim: changing to a Fan page as opposed to a group page.

11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: Balance $11,???. (FASTA $5150), PayPal income $315,


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Fasta – Ian; first drop-off at the log with rocks, 5 project areas plus brushing on Shooters, assembling the shed. Kelli doing sign-in. Greg has some gift cards. Kelli has 45 sodas and a case of water. Ian will take care of chips and salsa, etc. Bill will get the banners from Joe. Ian may try to do a pre-ride Sat. afternoon.

Lopez – Bill: Cheryl for sign-in, will use leftovers from FASTA. Need crew leaders for 20-100 people. ECOSLO and Lion’s Club from AG may send volunteers. All work is few minutes from parking area. 8 crews needed for reroute. Need tools from Joe.




2.      Moving Dirt – no report.


  1. Bike Month Debriefings.

Open House: Good location, easy to work with Quality Suites. 30+ guests, Ben: needed more signage AT THE BIKE RACK. Prefers the Eucs map on the FASTA website. Suggests having more info available about how to help and what kind of help is needed at entrance to the Eucs site and other trails.  Frank will create sign to put up at various trailheads saying CCCMB needs help. Frank: use the site for FASTA and again for “Active Seniors”, 2 separate groups, gatherings. John: info booth at Farmers Market 3-4 times a year, maybe at Bike Valet.  Voted overwhelmingly to do again next year – with modifications.

Bike rides: guests learned of the rides via the google-group. Discussion of how to encourage organization and recruitment of youth.

Breakfast: John C. served around 80 people. Will do again next year.


      4.   Patrick Kell, IMBA rep visit, June 3 – Plans for hearing about Chapter Program: bike-ride with meal/bar gathering to follow to discuss Chapter program.


      5.   Neil Havlik’s goodbye party – How do we want to contribute? Greg moves, Bill 2nd to donate $200 towards Neil’s party.


      6.   Greenways Conference reports: Brief Highlights Tim, Kelli, Mary, Greg


      7.   PR possibilities: Telegram Tribune columnist, Judy Salamacha, willing to do a column; Charter TV interviews also available. Charter interview needs 6-8 week lead time and an upcoming event to promote.  Greg will forward Salamacha’s info to Frank for follow up.


      8.   Bells4Bikes.org domain – do we keep it? Bob moved, Frank 2nd to renew domain for 2 years, with the approximate cost of $30.


      9.   Strategic Planning Follow:

Volunteer Recruitment Progress: Tim will send emails to directors requesting input.


V News-worthy items for e-newsletter and/or website: 1. Targeting volunteers with time.  2. New schedule. 3. 2011-12 achievements


VI  Other:  Christina and Joe will attend the Back Country Horsemen meeting tomorrow, Wed. 5/16.


VIII  Next Meeting: June 19, 2012, 5:30 p.m.