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May Minutes

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers




May 19, 2010


Bill Jenkins, Kelli Schonher, Doug Carscaden, Gary Havas, Tim Sawchuck, Kathy Redden, Ron Dexter, Bob Nanniga, Ian Anderson, John Cutter, Jeanne Mutziger, Soquel Schafer, (Cal Poly Wheelmen), Joe O’Donnell, Ian ?


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Approved by Jeanne and seconded by Bill.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work – Irish Hills: Joe read letter of praise, which Jody Issacks send to SLO City

We have permission to use on the website.

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: Latest shipment of 500 bells has arrived and is being distributed to bell box depositors. This order has bike logo (Arts, Wally’s, Foothill, CBO) on one side and CCCMB logo on other side. BestBikeZone and Pedal Power bell proposal need needs to be finalized. Also waiting to hear from Mark’s in Baywood.  Foothill Cyclery ordered an additional 100 bells, which they will distribute from their shop. All the bike shops are behind this project. Basically, every shop and CCCMB pays $1 each per bell. The bells will be distributed randomly. Additionallly, CCCMB has a number of Lezyne packs and lots of gift certificates. At the Lopez work day we will raffle 2 gift cards and 1 pack

3.     Public Relations – Frank: No report.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel: Requested articles for next newsletter. John Cutter will write article about Wind Wolves Preserve. Greg B. will also write an article. Kelli floated idea for article about Pavers, which lead to a brief discussion about the pros and cons of pavers. John mentioned that Rachel has emailed Director’s group suggesting that CCCMB switch to three versus four newsletters a year. Decision needs to be made.

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: Nothing to report. Jeanne mentioned that she received a $30 family membership. Joe said that Singletrax is not dead yet and will be sending in new memberships, required for Singletrax members by the beginning of July.

6.     Agency & Organization Reports (State Parks, County, City, Forest Service, and Bike Coalition): State Parks - Ron, Tim:  Continuing final flagging on East Boundary re-route, Kurt Beebe’s crew still working on Fridays and making lots lots of progress. State Parks and SLOPOST has jointly purchased a gas-powered multi-tool called a Punjar.

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: The Rolling Drain Dip Maintenance handout has been revised and posted to the How To: Build Skills webpage.

8.     Website/tech Committee – Morgan, Daniel, Rachel: No report.

9.    FASTA – Ian: Brushed half of Shooters Trail. Bike Skills Area Management Plan is being reviewed by SLO City Resource Manager, Neil Havlic. FASTA has also requested permission from City to put up flags and a sign in the Euc grove so people will see the project is not dead. Bill expressed concern that flagging should be done with inclinometer.

10.  Financial Report – Jeanne: Still pushing for Paypal donation link on website Total expenses YTD = $5952.57 (this is what we have spent so far this year). Total income YTD = $1253.94 (this is what we have received in donations/memberships so far this year). Equity balance = $6368.84 (this is what we have in our bank account with SLOPOST)


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     Lopez Lake Workday (Sunday, May 23)– Bill: Ready to rock and roll. Planning for 30 to 40 persons. Bill has assigned sections to 5 of the 6 Crew Leaders. The Friends of Lopez will bring sack lunches via horses, including PB&Js, to volunteers. Volunteers (Grizzly Academy, Boy Scouts) and County Park staff have been hauling up heavy peeler cores in preparation for building reinforced switchbacks. Also volunteers have been clearing the worst of the poison oak. Bill will bring a case of Technu. Joe will bring all of CCCMB’s tools.

2.     National Trails Day Workday at Santa Margarita Lake (Saturday, June 5) – Joe committed CCCMB to help EcoSlo and County with event. Joe, Ron, Kathy Redden, and Kelli met Holly of EcoSlo and Doug Tait of County Parks for a planning walk-through on May 11. Kathy Redden has put out the call for volunteers to the Atascadero Horseman’s Club and the Backcountry Horsemen. Holly has registered event with the American Hiking Society, who organizes the National Trails Day. Jim Patterson, District 5 Board of Supervisor, will be attending workday and providing lunch. Still recruiting more CCCMB leaders. Tim will send out email to CCCMB google list. Soquel mentioned carpools would be good for Cal Poly volunteers. Foothill Cyclery is a good meeting location for them.

3.     Fernandez Workday (Sunday, June 6) – Joe:  Not a lot of work planned. Mostly brushing and a little re-route/widening of turn. Not expecting a large turnout. Volunteers who work both June 5 and 6 workdays will get a free pair of CCCMB socks and chance to win Lezyne backpack.


V. Information

4.     HPT Safety Issues – Tim: safety measures seem to be working well. 

5.     Bike Bells – Lots of positive feedback from users. Jeanne complimented Ron on beautiful bike boxes. Group members shared experiences. Good material for newsletter article, which Kelli may write.

6.     Bike Patrol at MdO: Tim will give required Bike Patrol information to Juvie tomorrow. State Parks most interested in ambassador aspect of program. Bike Patrol will probably function under same guidelines as Coast Mounted Assistance program.

7.     Greenways Conference, April 21-23 – Greenways conference feedback still coming in. Ron is proud of presentation by Greg B., Juvie O., and Kathy L. The presentation was received well by the audience. We all agreed that Greg B. is an impressive leader. (yes Greg we were talking about you while you were away), The post-conference joint horse and bike ride at MdO also a great success. 60 people attended the ride. Micheal Kelley of IMBA has been in contact with Tim and wants to write an article. Bill mentioned a tool grant from CA Conference Greenways organization CCCMB should apply for.

8.     Wind Wolves Preserve, May 14-16 - John Cuttter reported to group that the weekend was great. Although the Preserve does not have singletrack, it is promoting mountain biking on dirt roads instead of driving as a way to see the Preserve. There are currently 8 miles of dirt road open to mountain bikes. Last weekend, the Preserve staff lead a guided bike ride for 9 CCCMB members (including Kathy Longacre) on an additional 10 miles of trails, which they are considering opening up to the public in the future. CCCMB members also volunteered for the Preserves saturday workday. John recommends that CCCMB consider organizing another trip next year for the weekend of April 16-17. Decision needs to be made.

9.     Use of GoogleGroup: Both Tim and Jeanne replied nicely to the Mountain Biker from India requesting that he not send more emails to our CCCMB google group.

10.  San Antonio Trails: Kathy Redden mentioned 12 miles of trail which are open to bikes. She asked if CCCMB has considered doing trail work on them. Group said it was too hot most of the year and too far to drive.

11.  Los Flores Ranch in Santa Maria: Kelli reported that she heard it was still dirt road riding.



VI   Other?


1.     Cal Poly Wheelmen thanks CCCMB for lending them tools. They have had two trail workdays at Parkfield in to get ready for Sept 24-26 event.

2.     Bike Month - lots of things going on.


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010, 5:30 p.m.












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