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posted Jun 22, 2011, 9:00 AM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Jun 22, 2011, 9:05 AM by Gary Bissell ]
Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers

Meeting commenced 17:30. Present: Joe O’Donnell, Ron Dexter, Frank Zika, John Cutter, Tim Sawchuck, Bob Nanninga, Tucker Fritch, Ian Anderson, Kelli Schonher, Jeanne Mutziger, Bill Jenkins, Greg Robertson, Kathy Redden, Doug Carscaden

I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting. Tim moved, Greg R second.

II   Agenda requests ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest. Nothing presented.

III   Committee Reports

Trail Work:  CARROT FEST – K. Redden reported overall things went well, especially infrastructure--special thanks to K. Longacre.  33 people showed for workday; 12 horseback riders and 3 cyclists attended the mixer ride.  FERNANDEZ --Joe reported exc. conditions, except for recent moto damage. Bottom section of trailwork completed, new moto gate needed at bottom of trail, CCC currently doing work in area.  LOPEZ --Bill reports that .55 of thesz3 .9 mile addition totally completed, entrance still blocked, minimal current use by few bikes and horses.

Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: “nothing new”

Publicity–     Frank reported Carrotfest article in SLO Tribune

FASTA – Ian reported trail work progressing and brush clearance being done with view to fine flagging, Doug said chainsaws ok to make fallen boughs more manageable, Promo film (Pedal Driven) to be presented this Fall with eye to inspiring new CP students.

Newsletter/enewsletter – (email report previously submitted by Lynne Latronica ) No paper newsletter desired for this Summer, anticipate next paper version just after the New Year to build hype for Superbowl Sunday. Tim to send alternative idea via email to Lynne (“Vertical Response; 30 minute enewsletter”)

Membership & Volunteers: see previously sent email from Paul.

Agency & Organization Reports: Doug (City)--Froom conservation issues and trail layout still being discussed.  Ron/Joe (State,County Parks)--discussion of proposed expansion of Wilderness boundaries and implication for loss of riding area and possible easement trail/connector, aka Willow Springs trail. Group agreed that this was a worthwhile cause to pursue and attempt to preserve. Tim reports progress being slowly made re: reroute on Oat’s Peak.

Education/Training Committee: Kelli reports successful completion of first aid training by several members. Discussion of recruitment of dedicated instructor to get more of 3cmb folk proficient at Basic Life Support because recent grads felt course was very worthwhile. 5 people interested in completing another course and further discussion of this option was suggested to occur in the next month or two.  

Bike Patrol: Tim-“We’re still waiting for SP to firm up the details of how we will interface (as a patrol) with MdO staff and infrastructure--issues re: radios, pairs vs. singlet patrols.” Doug reported growing SLO City interest in Bike Patrol with poss. partial funding.

Website/tech Committee – please see previously submitted email, nothing new introduced.  

Financial Report: Jeanne- We have $4500, with about $3000 present in bank, waiting for Joe to submit receipts.  

IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

SANTA MARGARITA LAKE (June 4th) – Kathy Redden: “We have a boat to ferry people with, 10 Cs will join us” (3cmb to direct these Cs), trailwork proposed to be technically simple. Scoping ride/walk agreed for Memorial Day Weekend (0830, Monday 30th, at the entrance to park). Gray Pine, Lone Pine, Sapwie trails to receive attention, especially brushing. No reroute work planned. Culvert work planned. Lunch by EcoSlo. 7 Directors indicated they will attend. Agreed that Cs will be best directed toward working Falcon Trail. Connector from Sapwie to road proposed, with group voicing informal approval.  

CERRO ALTO (6/12/11): Ron says “no BBQ.” Meet at end of the road at 9 am on. “Mostly brushing, I will provide machines.” Possible bench installation planned. Pre-ride scoping date TBA.

Moving Dirt: Bill described novel Lopezian technique of “paving” outside edge of trail with scavenged rock, planted & canted uphill, followed by packing lighter sand/dirt on top of this rock to form a shelf. This creates a stable outside edge for the tread, which is especially durable and well-suited to prevent hoof damage: “The 7/8 Nanninga bench”

Strategic Planning Event:  $200 proposed for Strategic Planning event menu. Tim moved, Frank seconded. Logistics and goals of the event day updated. Event to be held 0900 6/11 at 197 Santa Rosa, coffee and lunch provided.

Bell Program subcommittee recommendation: Bill-presented sample verbiage generated by bell subcommittee. Establishment of “Bells4Bikes.org” web page with educational and donation opportunities discussed. Bill moved to accept sample verbiage, buy Bells4Bikes.org domain, and spend remainder of $100 to establish a lockable cache for bells in order to facilitate bell distribution at MdO. Jeanne seconded. A lengthy discussion regarding the subtleties and durability of velcro then ensued.

Bike Month Breakfast: Cutter-60 people attended, all food and drink consumed rapidly, felt to be successful event. Kelli-3cmb registered to participate in commuter challenge.

Group accepted previously discussed option of linking to Rachel Duchak’s CentralCoastFoodie website from cccmb.org website.

Crew Leader Google Group: Tim-A discrete crew leader mailing list has been established.

V   Next Meeting: June 21, 2011, 5:30 p.m.