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Minutes October 2011

posted Nov 15, 2011, 9:18 AM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Nov 15, 2011, 9:18 AM by Gary Bissell ]

  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING Minutes October 18, 2011


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting – Bill moved for approval, Tim S. 2nd. Approved unanimously.


Attending: Bill Jenkins, John Cutter, Greg Bettencourt, Frank Zika, Bob Nanninga, Gary Havas, Ian Anderson, Mike Orvis of Atascadero Land Preservation Society, Breana Dixon, Tim Sawchuck, Greg Robertson, Ron Dexter, Paul Reinhardt, Marv Daniels, Pet Daniels, Kelli Schonher, Mary Bettencourt.


II   Agenda requests ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest.

III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – Lopez – Bill: bought too muchJ Ate all the chips, drank most of the sodas and water, hardly any beer. Bill moves 3CMB purchase a good cooler, not to exceed $50. Tim 2nd, approved unanimously.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: (Facebook & shops) See report. Bill will propose that they post CCCMB stuff on their Facebook page without being able to reciprocate.

3.      Publicity – Frank: has laminated posters to be posted around town. 250 fliers for bike-night.

4.      FASTA – Greg R, Ian, Tucker, Tim, Doug: Update: See below

5.      Newsletter/E-newsletter – Lynne Latronica:  No report.

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report sent to you (Time Tracker) Workers, please send emails to Paul giving their trailwork hours.  Paul will continue to post hours worked on website.

7.      Agency & Organization Reports

State Parks: Fine flagging to start on Oats Peak. Tuesdays, possibly adding the last Sunday of the month. Will start the first week of December; email announcements will go out.

County: Bob N. reported on grading work on Froom Creek Rd.

Forest Service: Greg is planning a meeting with Kathleen Phelps. Interested folks should contact Greg if they’d like to join them.

ALPS Threee Bridges Project – Mike Orvis. Project is just south of the 3 Bridges area of Hwy. 41. Adjacent to Eagle Ranch. Acquired the end of May and hope to open in the next couple of years, providing a connector corridor between ALPS and Cerro Alto via the National Forest. The ALPS grant is being awarded this next spring.

8.      Education/Training Committee - Kelli: see report

9.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Greg R., Tim, Bob: waiting for State Parks to finalize. ~ Dec.

10.  Website/tech Committee – Tim:   

11.  Financial Report – Jeanne: see report. State Parks Foundation donating $1,500 toward trail work days. Current assets - $6,919.30. Net Income: $2,854.12.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.      FASTA Oct. 23 –Greg, Ian. Ready for Sunday. Middle trail and a few structures will be ready to ride. Has enough work organized for up to 150 people. Discussion ensued re: how to assign volunteers to crews.

2.      Froom Ranch TrailWerks Nov 12:  Bob N. agreed to help coordinate with Doug.  Details to be worked out after Eucs Project workday.

1. Scope of work    

2. Lead person/s, 

3. T-shirts: unknown

4. Crew leaders

5. Swag/gift-certificates, raffle.  

6. Banners/onsite ads,

7. Public relations

8. Breakfast,

9. Sign-ups & sign-ins,

10. Set-up & clean-up,

11. Tools  

3.   Moving Dirt – Marv and Pet Daniels here to talk about tool-sharpening.  Agreed all our tools need cleaning and sharpening.  Agreed to begin that process at the Eucs Project workday and based on that experience follow up with a separate day(s) to complete the task.  John Cutter will purchase a good cordless 4” grinder and charge it in time for work Oct. 23. Kelli will bring the bleach and detergent bath. Marv will bring his own tools and give instruction.

4.   Mechanized Trail Building Topics:

        a. Zachi Anderson’s visit: Report Tabled

        b. Joey Kline of IMBA may come to SLO the 2nd or 3rd week of Nov.  IMBA will send proposal soon.

5.   Strategic Planning Follow-Up Tasks

Hats/t-shirts as recognition also report on post-work drinks/chips – did this get decided in July? Tabled

6.  Bell Strategy Proposal: Discuss/modify/adopt on proposal to budget a specific dollar amount       for the year based on our resources and last year’s records.

·Per Bill: 2300 bells, $2000 from 3CMB, about the same amount from sponsorship.

· Greg B. moves, Greg R. 2nd to have a $2,000 cap of bell expenses per year, with a goal to have the Bell Program to be self-sustaining in 3 years. Passed unanimously.

7.  4-H Volunteers – Greg suggests accommodating them at Froom Ranch. Volunteers would be aged 7-10, accompanied by parents and chaperones. Jan. 21 suggested.  To be decided by Doug

8.  Crested Butte summer 2012: road trip by club members to CB. John will investigate accommodations and report back. Straw poll indicated good interest in the concept.


V News-worthy items for e-newsletter and/or website:

VI Information

VII  Other?

VIII   Next Meeting: November 15, 2011, 5:30 p.m.