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November 2012

posted Dec 18, 2012, 2:39 PM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:39 PM by Gary Bissell ]


  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING Minutes November 20, 2012


Attending: Kathy Redden, Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Frank Zika, Joe O’Donnell, John Cutter, Bob Nanninga, Doug Carscaden, Paul Reinhardt, Kelli Schonher, Jeannie Carpenter, Matt Bennetti, Rob Ermy, Romano Verlangia, Tim Sawchuck, Mary Bettencourt


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Jeanne moved, Doug 2nd to approve, passed unanimously.


II   Agenda requests - Ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest.

Romano suggested better straggler management. Point well taken and steps will be taken for big trail events.

Matt: impressed by the organization and would like to get more involved.


III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – Froom-Johnson Connector & TrailWerks: Doug – Impressive turnout given the weather and the hike in.  Grassy sections still to be done. A few Wednesdays more to “buff”. Some folks – of all ages - arrived unprepared for the weather and/or trail-work. Kelli and Paul assigned them level ground with less hiking.

Frank: the turnout in bad weather indicates that there is a lot of demand for volunteer opportunities in SLO. Good thing the pavilion became available. Pop-ups very helpful. Doug’s dad is a great cook. Need more coffee. 6 xxl shirts left over. Greg: No recruitment done due to weather chaos, but Shelley did mention the need for help. Jeannie: triple the staff at registration and have crew leaders walk the line to see who is not properly dressed and may be able to go home and come back.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: See report

3.      Publicity – Frank:

4.      FASTA – Doug: Update: excavator up on Dec. 1st. Good turnout on the workday with 5 crewleaders. Need to fill out City and 3CMB waivers

5.      Newsletter/Enewsletter – Lynne Latronica: Next newsletter in January and needs 3 or 4 stories to get started: transition to 3CMB/IMBA, trail building on Oats Peak, spotlight on new mayor of Morro Bay Jamie Irons,

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report. Matt offered an application from Sales Force, which may be better for tracking volunteers, and thus potential crew leaders. Jeannie knows Sales Force and will work with Paul.

7.      Agency & Organization Reports - State Parks: Greg suggested allocating funds to help support Zachi’s crew while they are here, especially for mechanical support. John Cutter agrees and suggests $1,000 for parts/wear and tear. Jeanne moves, Paul 2nd to assign up to $2,000 for food and mechanical needs for Zachi’s crew. Passed unanimously.


City: Forest Service:

8.      Organizational recruitment – Kelli: Any recruits from Sat. Nov. 17? Mike Jurassis, Chris Shaw, Eric Dube. Frank, Tim and Kelli will follow up.

9.      Education/Training Committee -     

10.  Bike Patrol at MdO – Greg R., Joe, Tim, Bob: No report

11.  Website/tech Committee – Tim, Lynne, Kelli: See report

12.  Financial Report – Jeanne: $20,935.40 total, $6K of which is FASTA’s.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Botanicals: Problematic but see Greg R’s suggestion/solution also Oates Peak/Zachi

Greg R. has proposed a process for volunteer organization for Botanicals. There is a conflict of dates between Botanicals and Oats Peak. Need 2-3 crew leaders with tools at the top of the grade to walk down Botanicals and clean out drains. Joe could leave the trailer at Ahearn’s. Doug will make a plan.

Doug will put the tool trailer out.

Need 4-5 people every day to supervise the CCC’s and run the flow-stick. Greg B. will put out email requests.

  1. Moving Dirt:
  2. IMBA Chapter Transition: No news

4.      IMBA Trail Care Crew – Update

5.      Wild Cherry Canyon “Matching Hours Plan” – Frank presented letter from Kara Blakeslee regarding the Maintenance Endowment and the Labor Endowment; reported that 450 hours pledged at the Nov. 17 workday.  Agreed to send message recruiting hours to the google group.

6.      Sexual Harassment Complaint – Greg B. reported a complaint from a volunteer and that the matter was resolved to the volunteer’s satisfaction. Reminded directors and crew leaders to remember to use only appropriate communications.

7.      Strava Issue: Discussion of whether or not to contact Strava to remove Cerro San Luis Rock Garden, Perfumo Rock Garden and Hazard Peak Trail at MdO from their race section list. Greg B. will ask Greg R. to contact Strava. Paul moved, Bob N. 2nd, approved unanimously. Will revisit issue in January.

8.      Lopez Trail (between Mt. Lowe on East Cuesta Ridge and High Mtn. Rd.) Inquiry re: interest in brushing this corridor. Joe concerned that some is in wilderness. Kathy Redden: we need to finish Sapwi first. Greg B. will email that we are unable, but that some people are working on it.

9.      Storage space for trailer and other equipment: space needed around the size of a double garage, but could be part of a warehouse, etc. Wally’s Bike Shop rents a deep lot and may have space for the trailer and other equipment. Kathy Longacre may have space on her property. Jeannie Carpenter may have space. John Cutter and Frank will talk with Wally about details.

10.  Holiday Party: Jeanne tentatively offers. Bill suggests considering January dates.


V News-worthy items for e-newsletter and/or website


VI  Other: 


VIII  Next Meeting: December 18, 2012, 5:30 p.m.