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October 2012

posted Dec 18, 2012, 2:36 PM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:36 PM by Gary Bissell ]

  Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING MINUTES - October 16, 2012


Attending: Kathy Redden, Jonalee Istenes, Jeanne Mutziger, Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Lynne Latronica, Frank Zika, Paul Rheinhardt, Greg Cummings, Kelli Schonher, Jeannie Carpenter, Joe O’Donnell, Ralph Battles, Kathy Battles, Greg R., Doug Cascaden, Bob Nanninga, Paul ?, Jonalee Istenes, Tim Sawchuck, Mary Bettencourt.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Bill J. approved, Bob N. 2nd


II   Agenda requests - Ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest. Jonalee Istenes of Atascadero Land Preservation Society (ALPS) announced that Atascadero is starting a trails committee re: a section of the Anza Trail. Meeting will be Thurs. Oct. 18 @ 7pm. Fundraiser at Galaxy Theater November 8, 6:30. Contact Jonalee for tickets.


III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – Morning Glory/FASTA: Greg R.: 40 fraternity volunteers and others cleaned drains and brushed. Well done! Announced FASTA elected officers. See report.

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: See report inc/spreadsheet.

3.      Publicity – Frank: passed around for Froom/Johnson workdays on Nov. 3 & 17. Greg B. would like to have a good turnout for MG/Botanicals. Frank will heavily notify of this workday on Froom/Johnson work day.

4.      FASTA – Ian, Tucker, Doug: Update:  Officers? Bylaws?

5.      Newsletter/E-newsletter – Lynne Latronica :  See report. Good rate of “opened” = 46% Constant Comment deletes “bounced” addresses.

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: See report 3CMB’s new mailing address is CCCMB, P.O. Box 1022, SLO 93406.

7.      Agency & Organization Reports - City/Doug: PGE is working on the road between Mariposa Trail and ?, so will be closed. Doug will write up an announcement to be posted on Facebook, etc.  

8.      Organizational recruitment – Kelli: 10 people stopped at the 3cmb booth at the Eco-Festival. One is a good connection to the Atascadero motorcycle group.

9.      Education/Training Committee – John Cutter has agreed to be the Crew Leader Leader after 1st of year..   

10.  Bike Patrol at MdO – Greg R., Joe, Tim, Bob: No report.

11.  Website/tech Committee – No report

12.  Financial Report – Jeanne: Net income: $13,493.20 FASTA = $8,670. Balance = $21,419 including FASTA. Will have accounting through IMBA in 2013.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. Santa Margarita Lake/Kathy Redden, Saturday Oct. 20 @ 9:30; needs Crew Leaders; mainly trimming. Needs mostly loppers.

Froom Connector DAYS/Doug: Nov. 3 – CCC’s are sending 30-40 members; are providing food and would like an estimate of expected #’s = 30-50 more. Planning dirt work as brushing will be done by then. Need crew leaders to help train CCC’s and some community members to fill out the crews. Nov 17 is TrailWerks – Probably on the Froom Ranch on Nov. 3; on Johnson Ranch & Froom Nov. 17. Brushing, dirt work, bridges and work on the private property to be done. May be open in the Spring. Frank suggests limiting the number internally at e.g. 200. Goal is to have as many crew leaders and each one to have a manageable sized crew. ** Extend an invitation to those being “turned away” e.g. offer breakfast, give schedule for next work day. Tim will send out email announcements including a photo of the t-shirt. Plan to buy 175 t-shirts. Paul & Doug will work on recruiting crew leaders. Bill will procure food & swag donations, food & swag gift-cards as well as email request to the group. Will be located at the Laguna playground. Frank needs one banner. Frank and others will be distributing posters; Tim posting on Facebook, etc. Frank will coordinate sign-in. Tap-it and CC Brewery for beer. Tri-tip for lunch w/veggie option. Carpooling from Laguna to near work site. Staggered exit from Laguna? Some Crew Leaders may drive in through the Filiponi Ranch.


  1. IMBA Chapter Transition: Update; How & when do we proceed with our “message & donation” campaign? Meeting Thurs. Nov. 8 6pm @ Jaffa.


3.      IMBA Summit Report: Bob – things we could do to enhance our trail-system for locals AND visitors, e.g. maps & sign-posts at intersections. Joe: info on volunteer recruitment, funds that IMBA uses for Public Lands Initiative advocacy; Mary: community system continuum of trails and parks, support that IMBA gives to Chapters; Greg – 3CMB may be entering a new phase to be explored at next strategic planning session. Organizational development is essential to stay in existence and stay effective.


4.      IMBA Trail Care Crew – Is it something we want to consider for 2012-13? Greg will request a date for the Spring. Frank, Jeannie, Jeanne and Mary will be on the committee.


5.      Wild Cherry Canyon “Matching Hours Plan” – How do we want to proceed? Or meeting? Reach out to various orgs, e.g. Atascadero Horsemen, ECOSLO. Consensus to tell Kara that 3CMB will go forward with hour-matching.


6.      Google Group/Communications Problems/Issues:


7.      Oats Peak Plan: Weekly workdays and Plan for Zachi’s visit in first week in December (Nov. thru Dec. 9. (rain days of 2nd and 3rd weekends of December. Brushing starts on Wed. Oct. 24, 8:30 at the MdO Quonset hut.


8.      Decal distribution plan: Free or sell or some combination. Bill has given to bike shops, who will post them on their windows, etc.; they will be given to members, to volunteers at trail works and to folks who come up and have a conversation at a booth. Kelli moves to give Bill $500 more for when we run out. Passed unanimously.


9.      Tools: Order and distribution. There are 12 loppers missing. Joe will order Fiskers, which the company will replace if broken, up to 24 loppers.


V News-worthy items for e-newsletter and/or website


VI  Other:


VIII  Next Meeting: November 20, 2012, 5:30 p.m.