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September 2009

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Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


MEETING Minutes for September 22, 2009


Attending: Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Frank Zika, Rob Ermy, Doug Carscaden, Jim Aarons, Jim Atkinson, Andrew Pelkoffer, Dan Palmer Rachel Duchak, Bob Naninga, Ron Dexter, Joe O’Donnell, Mary Bettencourt, Kelli Schonher, Greg Robertson, Toni Arturo.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Bill & Bob.


II   Agenda requests.


III   Committee Reports

1.     Trail Work – Fernandez – Joe; 16 pavers down on Phil’s section.

2.     Sponsorship & Fundraising

o      Bill:  Art’s Current Status, SLOBC presentation & request;

o      Bob N: Trader Joe’s has offered to donate snacks and drinks for each work-day.

3.     Public Relations

o      Frank: Thank-you’s in the mail;

o      Dan of Bike Coalition requests Fall work schedule poster. Frank, etc. will do.

o      Jeanne put a power point together, which was presented to SLOBC by Frank and Greg. Very thorough, historical and detailed about exactly what 3CMB does, how trail-building happens. Will amend to include even more descriptive and educational material.  Frank  & Jeanne

o      Discussion of managing photos to be posted on Piccasa. See below IV 9.

4.     Newsletter – Rachel is gathering articles: To be mailed in time for Lopez workday

o      Andrew will write something on the FASTA project.

o      Cal Poly gates – Greg will write, Toni will get photo of gate(s).

o      Greg’s to submit various articles

o      3CMB = Volunteer of the Year for City of SLO. (More than 950 hours for the city)

5.     Membership & Volunteers – Paul: Report on 2008-9 hours submitted.

o      Bob N. suggests 3CMB members pair up with newcomers at a trail work day to encourage repeat attendance, e.g. Photo of each trail crew, follow-up email, survey or interest.

o      Joe will send 3 emails for each trail day: 1) the trail scoping, 2) before the work day and 3) after the work-day (thanking those who attended and including the picture).

o      Sheparding “newbies” – identify them, get their emails, “profile” them, follow-up with them. Bob Naninga and Jim Aaron will tackle this and devise a system, including a sign-in sheet and possibly a survey.

6.     Agency & Organization Reports

o      State Parks – Ron: Hazard Peak project is underway; Ron, Tim and Greg are flagging weekly; Curt’s crew is roughing out. As the process continues, the trail will be ready to build. Getting the second bench for the top on Sunday.

o      County – Bill: Lopez Lake. Will rebuild the legs between the switchbacks and do the swithback themselves after the rains; punched through to the end. There will be chain saw work; now flagged. Bill will contact ECOSLO and Friends of Lopez Lake as well as post banners at entrance to increase attendance on Oct. 11

o      City -

o      Forest Service – Ron: Morning Glory reroute is in the early stages – Greg, Ron, Dan, Andrew and Doug will meet there Thursday Sept. 24.

o      Bike Coalition: New ED is Dan Revois, who attended all FASTA City meetings. 

o      Madonna contact – Greg sent email, no response from them;

7.     Education/Training Committee - Kelli: included elsewhere on the agenda.

8.     Website/tech Committee – No report at this time.

9.     FASTA:

o      Andrew and Dan are meeting with Neil Thursday re: RTP and management plan.

o      Lower grove will be more basic, present framework will be moved to upper grove.

o      FASTA is lead on this project, 3CMB is back-up.

o      Email sent by Neil re: Issues 1) RTP, 2) model for a concessionaire, 3) draft layout of the skills area. So… 501c3? Insurance? Can requirements be met?

o      Needs at least 10-year management plan: appropriate signage, maintenance, etc.

10.  Financial Report: Jeanne


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

1.     Fall Schedules – Handed out at bike shops. A few more available. Frank will make a poster and include Rachel on editing email.

2.     Lopez Lake Trail work plans – see County above.

3.     Discuss CCCMB’s policy on promoting mtn. biking in SLO County – tabled.

4.     Discuss How to Increase Turnout at Regular Workdays; see Membership -

5.     SLOBC Request for Funds – Ideas needed: Greg will write a letter. Need tools, rebar, fire extinguishers, GPS unit (Garmin Vista), 4 good walkie-talkies, bike-bells and boxes to put them in; pavers. We should be receiving ~ $2,000 from them in the next couple of months. This is requested in October for the following year. Money could be accessed as early as January.

6.     Cyclebration Celebration at Brewery - Invitation for CCCMB to participate. Jim Aarons: All bike orgs are invited: Kiosk for and awards presented by each org., BBQ, beverages, awards. Sunday, Oct. 18 1-5 PM. (2-3 PM for food, 3-4 PM for awards). Purpose is a “Call to Arms” for next year.

o      Rachel moved we expend $100 to help with food for the event. ? Frank. Passed unanimously.

o      Jim A. can order the awards.

o      Greg, Joe and Bill will serve on awards committee.

o      Play 3CMB power point at booth and overhead.

o      May include City awards.

7.     Bike Bells –

o      Greg R. and Kelli have ordered bells at $0.31 ea.

o      3 locations at Cerro San Luis: Marsh St. Entrance, at the top of the hill and the bottom of Rock Garden.

o      Greg R. will write PR piece that includes 3CMB.

o      Greg R. will check the boxes and redistribute the bells on his “rounds” once or twice a week. Bill will help with this task, especially

o      Greg R. will talk to the Madonna people.

o      Doug agrees that this is a good pilot project.

o      Bill suggests Irish Hills on the Perfumo side.

o      Ron says the State Parks staff would love this on the Hazard Peak trail.

o      Bill moved and Ron second to reimburse Kelli and Greg R. for bell and box expenses. Passed unanimously.

o      Ron has offered to help build the boxes.

o      Frank: give the ones with magnetic silencers to trail-work volunteers. Will consider.

8.     Party in Fall to kick-off new season:

o      Cyclebration would satisfy this.

o      Doug: considering a thank-you BBQ for all Johnson Ranch volunteers.

o      Ron – plan a social event for the directors.

9.     Picture Repository for All CCCMB photos – see Greg’s comments above,

o      There is a way to send pix to an “inbox”, but it’s not working well enough. We need to be able to give credit to photographers; we need captions, etc.

o      Tim S. to email Greg and Rachel posing his questions and issues; Greg will forward to Dan and Morgan asking how to accomplish these.

o      Joe will send the scrap-book (with captions) to Rachel for scanning older pix.

10.  IMBA News: Insurance, FASTA – tabled.


V   Information

1.     Greenways Conference – tabled.

2.     Railroad issue – tabled.

3.     Selling jerseys – tabled.


VI  Other?


VII   Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 5:30 p.m.