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June 2012

posted Dec 18, 2012, 2:27 PM by Bill Jenkins   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:29 PM by Gary Bissell ]

Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers


Meeting Minutes June 19, 2012


Attending: Kathy Redden, Jeanne Mutziger, Greg Bettencourt, Bill Jenkins, Joe O’Donnell, Bob Nanninga, Tim Sawchuck, Frank Zika, Paul Reinhardt, Kelli Schonher, Jeannie Carpenter, Jim Atchison, Doug Carscaden, Greg Robertson, Mary Bettencourt.


I    Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Bill moved, Jeanne 2nd.  


II   Agenda requests - Ask new folks why they came to meeting/their interest. Jeannie: is interesting in seeing the “big picture” of 3cmb and how it operates.

III   Committee Reports

1.      Trail Work – Lopez – Bill: 23 workers worked on ½ the trail, got ¾ of that done. (due to ground bees…).

2.      Sponsorship & Fundraising – Bill: See report

3.      Publicity – Frank: no report

4.      FASTA – Ian, Tucker, Doug: Update: Compliance issues report. No report.

5.      Newsletter/E-newsletter – Lynne Latronica: see report (newsletter coming out in Aug/Sept.)

6.      Membership & Volunteers – Paul: see report

7.      Agency & Organization Reports:

State: Bells need to be transferred from bottom of Hazard Peak to the top.

Forest Service: Non-motorized Trail-users Committee Meeting in Goleta Thursday noon. Greg B., Kathy Longacre will attend, possibly Joe, Kelli S. and Greg R. Forest Service goals may be : Comprehensive programmatic trail plan, comprehensive leadership training plan, maintenance training curriculum (Chris Orr and associate are working to create the maintenance piece.)

Jamie Irons & Noah Smuckler are now elected officials in Morro Bay.

8.      Education/Training Committee – Kelli will attend the Pacific Crest Trail education classes in July in Tahoe.   

9.      Bike Patrol at MdO – Tim: Ranger James has completed bike patrol training and DPR is planning purchase of a suitable bike.

10.  Website/tech Committee – Tim, Lynne, Kelli: see report.

11.  Financial ReportJeanne: $6,122.16.


IV  Items Requiring Discussion or Action

  1. MdO – Tim: looking for the power hedger and 3 operators, loppers, rakes and pitchforks, hand saws. Need 6-8 crew leaders. Greg B. has chips, drinks and the cooler. Greg B. has the banners.  No pre-ride. Bottom of Hazard Peak, North Hazard Peak Trail, North East Boundary.

2.      Moving Dirt –              

3.      IMBA Summit – Oct. 10-13. Moved by Jeanne and 2nd by Doug to pay registration for directors ($400 each) who would like to attend up to total of $6,000.

4.      IMBA Chapter discussion: Greg will forward the considerable information sent by Patrick Kell which answers all of the questions we asked him.  We will decide at the July meeting whether or not to become an IMBA Chapter.

5.      Recruiting to Directors Group: Our Strategy, timeline. Frank suggests identifying members who might be interested in attending, specifically and personally inviting them to the board meeting, sending a pre-meeting email to membership, making a 2-day follow-up to new attendees. At the meeting, Mary will make their names BOLD, offer to send minutes (get their email addresses); Greg B. or other directors will ask them their interest, if they have questions, etc.

6.      Crew leader acknowledgementBill will go on Google Docs and clear up who has a hat and IS a crew leader. Then Paul will analyze the document to see who has been active.

7.      Donor & member list on newsletter: yes/no? Businesses = yes. Individuals = only with permission.

8.      Wild Cherry Canyon fundraising: repeat the matching donation offer i.e. 3CMB will donate $500 to the effort. Greg will ask Kara how to donate hours matched to monetary donations, e.g. “3CMB will match an hour of work for every $___ donated.”

9.      Awareness Day at MdO – tabled.

10.  Neil Havlik’s goodbye party – Greg and Kelli & Joe will attend.


V Newsworthy items for e-newsletter and/or website


VI  Other Good News:  Doug announced license approval of Filiponi license for open space. Once all of the agreements have been signed, this can be joyfully announced.

Joe showed the group a decal from the Oakridge. Bill has been pricing them. They will come up with options and present in July.

Bill: Jodie, who lives at the base of Irish Hills trails, will check the bell boxes and her sons will run over and replenish the bell box. Yay!


VIII  Next Meeting: July 17, 2012, 5:30 p.m.