The Dirt On Trail Work

Being a CCCMB crew leader involves a willingness to learn the fundamentals 
of trail maintenance and design. Once you are comfortable with these principles, 
you can then help by directing a crew of volunteers during trail workdays. It is 
our hope that crew leaders will be able to lead a crew on two or more trail 
workdays per season. 

The largest time commitment will be the upfront time 
needed to learn the fundamentals of moving dirt and guiding volunteers. Our 
crew leader training program consists of 

1) volunteers participating in a 
minimum of three training opportunities (see below) 
2) serving as an assistant crew 
leader for a minimum of three work days with different veteran crew leaders. 

Examples of training opportunities include one-on-one mentoring, pre-trail 
workday scouting rides, or a structured course.

Example - Leading a trail crew at the Pismo Preserve

Core Trail Work Skills and Concepts

Trail work skills are best learned by working side-by-side with a person very experienced in trail maintenance.  CCCMB has many such folks who are willing to share their time and knowledge.  If you are interested in learning how to do effective and essential trail maintenance, please contact any of the crew leaders on the Regional Trail Crew CONTACT PAGE.

Advanced Trail Work Skills and Concepts

Further Food for Thought...

Good video about success with multi-use trails in Durango Colorado - HERE

Good Position Paper by Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz County about trail use - HERE

New Links for Trail Crew Training Class #1 & #2

Listed below are several new links to videos about trail building techniques.  They are meant for training of Trail Crew Leaders.  Enjoy!



Pacific Crest Trail Association Trails Skills 

College Course Curriculum here

This curriculum, AVAILABLE HERE, was written for volunteer and agency insructors to train new PCT trail volunteers. As such, it aims to provide a shared perspective, vocabulary, and approach to working on the PCT.

IMBA-USFS-Building Mountain Bike Trails YouTube Videos to supplement Trail Solutions: IMBA's Guild to Building Sweet Singletrack

This Toolbox includes resources that trail and open space managers can use to develop and improve their local trail program to better serve their users and the community at large.

Sustainable trail building Report (835K, pdf) and Presentation (6511K, pdf) by Justin Maytum under the guidance of knowledgeable members of the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers organization during the Cal Poly Spring Quarter 2012. A brief description of some of the most pertinent trail design principals and construction techniques are given, including the importance of proper drainage and trail grade and the consequences to trails lacking these essential design elements.