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Crew Leader Program Description

        photo by K. Schonher

Description of CCCMB Trail Crew Leader program (02/19/2011)

Being a CCCMB crew leader involves a willingness to learn the fundamentals 
of trail maintenance. Once you are comfortable with these principles, then 
you can help by directing a crew of volunteers during a trail workday. It is 
our hope that crew leaders will be able to lead a crew two or more trail 
workdays per season.

The largest time commitment will be the upfront time 
needed to learn the fundamentals of moving dirt and guiding volunteers. Our 
crew leader training program consists of 1) volunteers participating in a 
minimum of three training opportunities and 2) serving as an assistant crew 
leader for a minimum of three work days with different veteran crew leaders. 
Examples of training opportunities include one-on-one mentoring, pre-trail 
workday scouting rides, or a structured course.

For more information contact: kelli.schonher@cccmb.org