Future Trail System Projects

Planning ahead on future trails...

We have a very busy year ahead of us with a great deal of opportunity for immediate gratification as well as the chance to invest in a greatly expanded SLO County trail system.

  • Montaña de Oro – The New Oats Peak reroute and the Beebe Trail have been completed and are now open to bikes. It has been many years since bikes have been allowed south of Islay Creek. These are multipurpose so be attentive and courteous of all other users. There are bell boxes at the bottom of both entrances, one at the west end of the camp ground near the quonset hut , and the other at the intersection of Islay Creek Road and Reservoir Flats Trail. This additional 3.5 miles of trail has not had any significant rain and are very loose and dusty. (updated 9/29/14)

  • FASTA  project - Continue work and construction of the skills area in the Eucs at the bottom of Shooters and Morning Glory. 
    Update: Basic trail lines are flagged & mapped, currently clearing rough corridors for top two trails, with tree removal (as necessary) & trail construction anticipated for late Fall 2011.

Learn more about how to get involved with FASTA

In addition, CCCMB’s trail designers will be working on many long-term trail projects, and we’d love all the help we can get. These projects will lead to new trails in the next 1 to 5 (or 10) years.

  • Froom-Irish Hills – Working with the SLO City Rangers, CCCMB will continue to build trail for some years.  It is the city’s goal to make the Irish Hills side more inviting to riders in order to spread out usage.  That means more trails.  In addition, the city hopes to acquire more land (or trail easements) in that area in order to expand open space holdings and the trail system. (updated 10/8/14)

  • Pismo Preserve - CCCMB is currently involved in the trail design phase at the request of the Land Conservancy.  The Conservancy is hoping to open the Preserve the summer or fall of 2015.  That may be an unrealistic expectation given the very complicated and important planning and permitting that is required (e.g. water, bathrooms, parking, Coastal Development Permit, etc.)  We know there will be about 10 miles of multi-use single track when the trail system is built out.  It seems likely that when the Preserve opens only a small part of that system will have been constructed and the rest will be built by volunteers over several years.   (updated 10/8/14)                                                                                    .
  • Lopez Lake - Completing the extension of Duna Vista Trail and possibly some rerouting of High Ridge Trail to make it more ridable and enjoyable.                                                                             Update: The Duna Vista Trail extension will be completed around September 2011, and is significantly ahead of schedule thanks to the hard work of Bill Jenkins, Bob Nanninga, and Jim Atkinson.                                                                                                            
  • Santa Margarita Lake - SLO County Parks and Recreation would like to create a trail around the lake. Finding a route, working cooperatively with private property owners, funding and building the trail are likely to take many, many years. But, once completed, it would be a truly epic ride. 
    Not really an Update: No concrete progress has been made for bureaucratic reasons.