The NEW - Islay Creek Connector Trail
You may have noticed something new at MdO...

This page is an on-going progress report about the new Islay Creek Connector Trail that is being constructed at Montaña do Oro State Park.

It will join the Hazard Peak Trail with Islay Creek Road, allowing a short cut between the Hazard Peak Trail and the Oats Peak Trail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not attempt any trail access at any time during this construction process.  There will be NO hikeable or rideable segments of trail until construction is complete in the winter time.

New MdO Connector Trail Details

Construction is scheduled for January 2019 and should take about 2 weeks.  The 2 mile long trail will be designed for multi-use and the same general characteristics as Oats Peak Trail.  These are the main characteristics:

  1. Machine built and hand finished to 2 to 3 feet wide

  2. Grade reversals to control erosion – reversal size and spacing generally less dramatic than Oats

  3. Long lines of sight to make multi-use and two-way traffic safe

  4. Bermed switchbacks (11 of them) with a flat walking surface on the inside for foot traffic (hoof and foot)

  5. Approximately a 5% average grade (about the same as Oats and Hazard Peak Trail)

It will be a CCCMB designed trail and the lead trail builder will be Drew Perkins a professional trail builder who works for Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz.  Drew designed and built the Flow Trail in the Demo Forest and was the machine operator on the Pismo Preserve trail build.

More details on how you can help with the building will follow when the details have been hammered out.

A Unique Partnership Makes Connector Trail Possible

Although having a new trail at MdO is exciting it is the partnerships and agreements that make the trail possible which will have the greatest lasting impact on the MdO trail system.

The unique agreement has the equestrians (SLOPOST and Coast Mounted Assistance), purchasing a mini-excavator for State Parks and Parks in turn providing a staff person (the District’s experienced equipment operator) to work on the build.  That person will help build the trail and operate the mini-ex in order to learn trail building skills and to gain experience. CCCMB’s contribution is to provide the professional trail builder, Drew Perkins, who will spend much of the build time instructing and supervising the Parks staff person.

The goal of this collaboration is to have a mini-ex and an experienced operator at MdO to do quality trail maintenance and construction on into the future.

~ Greg Bettencourt ~

Monday, Aug 2nd: Brush (and poison oak) clearing

 - Trail crews have been clearing brush in preparation for the trail building to begin.

A view of the new Islay Creek Connector Trail looking over from Oats Peak Trail
(click pic for a larger view)

Monday, May 22nd: Flagging

 - Five brave souls trudged through a sea of brush and poison oak to "flag" this new trail.  Click on the pictures below to see larger versions:

It is now completely flagged and pinned for an 8 ft. wide trail corridor. It is ready for brush clearance to commence by CalFire and Department of Corrections crews. Stay tuned for more detail to follow.

Check out the map of the new trail below     

Click the map below for a larger view