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Online Discussion about Trail Issues

CCCMB email list allows everyone interested in the trails of San Luis Obispo county to send and receive information or announcements.  
Please contribute to the discussion.  If you're going to do some trail work, post something about it.  Someone might just show up and help you. 

The discussion focus of the group consists of mostly:
  • Trail conditions
  • Reminders of upcoming trail work events
  • Warnings
  • Confirmation of work completed
  • Identifying the availability of tools in a particular location
  • Discussions of local issues
  • Any other trail-related topic you want to bring up

The CCCMB Google Group is the number one tool that CCCMB has for reaching out to the trail maintenance community about work days and key issues. Occasionally, we do see a flurry of activity on sideband topics, but generally the traffic is pretty light and on point. 

One recommendation from the CCCMB Directors is to set your preferences in Google Groups to receive the Digest version or Abridged Email from the 

Google Group. This will limit the items in your inbox to one, with a summary of the topics for the day. We try to keep the group on topic regarding trail maintenance and trail concerns. You never know where a thread may end up and this does leave the door open to the occasional off-topic thread. We feel it's better to have somewhere to discuss this than to pretend these issues don't exist. 

To only see one email from the group per day

  • Log in to your groups.google.com account. 
  • On the right sidebar is a menu item "Edit my membership"; choose that link. That will open up your settings. 
  • Select the "Digest Email" or "Abridged Email" and save your settings. That's all there is to it.