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Morro Bay State Park Map

Trail Map for Morro Bay State Park


Morro Bay State Park is divided by S. Bay Blvd. The relatively smaller area west of S. Bay Blvd is known as Black Hill. The larger area to the east is commonly referred to as Cerro Cabrillo. Both riding areas cater to cross country riding and feature extensive singletrack. There are some moderately steep climbs, although they are typically short, as the the highest point in the park (Black Hill summit) is only at 661 feet of elevation. Most of the trails wind through coastal sage scrub and native grasslands, with occasional groves of coastal live oak, pine, and eucalyptus. The park surrounds the Morro Estuary Natural Preserve, which provides a haven for many bird species.

Trail Etiquette:

When riding any of the trails detailed on these maps, please be mindful of the etiquette recommended by the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and CCCMB:

  • Only ride on open trails.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Ride in control of your bicycle or horse.
  • Always yield trail to others.
  • Never scare animals or people.
  • Plan ahead.

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