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eNews Jan 2013


Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers 

Dedicated to improving off-road

bicycling opportunities in San Luis Obispo County  

Winter 2013




Local Trails... 




SuperBowl Sunday Workday

at MdO

Here we go again - for the 26th time - WITH A BIG CHANGE! This year we are limiting the number of volunteers we put to work at 160.  Last year we had over 240 volunteers, way more than we could handle effectively. We will be taking the first 160 folks who check in at the workday. We have an alternative worksite for overflow for those folks who choose to work that site. 


Meet Sunday, February 3rd at 8:00 a.m. at MdO Park Headquarters above Spooners Cove. We'll feed you breakfast breads, coffee, juice. The goal is to do as much trail maintenance as possible on as many trails as possible. We guarantee you'll be done in plenty of time to watch the game, eat too much and sit on the couch!


CCCMB Supporters

Thanks to the following organizations for their recent donations:


Central Coast Brewing


Boo Boo's Records
Dick's Sporting Goods


House of Bread

K-Man's Cycle & Run


Mark's Baywood Cyclery

Olive Garden
Poly Performance
Rare Fruit Growers

Running Warehouse

The Galley

Trader Joe's


Windows on the Water   


All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in donating money (or supplies for a work day), email Bill for more info.


SHOP LOCAL: Support 

Shops that Support Trails

The following bike shops provided financial support and donations to CCCMB this season:


Art's Cyclery (SLO)

BestBikeZone (Atascadero)


Foothill Cyclery (SLO)

Pedal Power Bicycles (Santa Maria)

Trinity Cyclery (Grover Beach)

Wally's Bicycle Works (SLO) 


Check Trail Conditions

at CCCMB.org

Ride dirt trails, not muddy trails! Before you ride, check out the latest trail conditions here.



CCCMB's Board of Directors is currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Crew Leaders
  • Webmaster
  • Socal Media Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator 

Get involved! Attend a monthly meeting (the third Tuesday of every month at the SLO Parks and Rec office on Nipomo Street in SLO) or email Kelli for specific information.

Impressive Stats from IMBA 

A recent survey of IMBA's chapters and clubs about their volunteer-based activities documents an impressive record of public service.


Based on this data, IMBA estimates that its chapters and clubs:

*conduct 3,303 projects and sponsor 4,383 events

*build and maintain 23,014.5 miles of trail

*inspire 48,470 volunteers (41,883 adults and 6,587 youth)

*facilitate 707,102 volunteer hours (664,907 adult and 42,195 youth)

Check out the full story here: IMBA Volunteer Survey


How does CCCMB stack up? Local volunteers have spent over 3,195 hours on local trails since September. In fact, CCCMB does more projects, maintains and builds more miles of trail than 80% of IMBA clubs.



The Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational association whose mission is to create, enhance and preserve great mountain biking experiences.


Since 1988, IMBA has been bringing out the best in mountain biking by encouraging low-impact riding, volunteer trailwork participation, cooperation among different trail user groups, grassroots advocacy and innovative trail management solutions. 


The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes IMBA as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IMBA's tax identification number is 77-0204066.


The Dirt on the Trail is published quarterly.  Comments or suggestions? Email the editor.



We Do Trails, Join Us! 


Sunday, February 17 - FASTA PROJECT & MORNING GLORY Meet at city kiosk at top of Eucs at 9:30am.

Sunday, March 17 - SANTA MARGARITA LAKE 

Meet inside the park at White Oak Picnic Area at 9:00am.

Saturday, April 6 - LOPEZ LAKE

Meet inside the park at Arboleda Day Camp at 9:00am.

Saturday, April 20 - FROOM RANCH

Meet at Home Depot parking lot at 9:00am.


Meet at Turkey Flats at 9:00am or SLO Vet's Hall at 8am to carpool.

Saturday, May 18 - IRISH HILLS

Meet at traffic circle at end of Madonna Road at 9:00am.


Work and Ride Weekend. Meet at top of Horse Camp Road at 10:00am.

Sunday, June 23 -  MORNING GLORY

Meet at city kiosk at top of Eucs at 9:30am.



Help build your new favorite trail! 

FROOM RANCH: Every Wednesday, 8:30 am, meet in the Home Depot parking lot on the east side. Just show up or email for more info: Ranger Doug at DCarscad@slocity.org


IMBAlogoCCCMB is now a Chapter of IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association), so if you join CCCMB as a new member or renew your existing membership, you will automatically enjoy being a member of IMBA. 


CCCMB became an IMBA Chapter in December 2012 after having been an IMBA affiliate since 1988. For all that time, our focus has been on expanding local multi-use trail systems, on trail etiquette and on trail sustainability. We are dedicated to maintaining that focus as a Chapter. CCCMB will continue to base its work on the premise that mountain bikers and all other trail users end up with more and better trails by working cooperatively and sharing trails responsibly. Becoming a Chapter of IMBA will not change that.


However, becoming a Chapter allows CCCMB some of the benefits of the economy of scale. The club has become big enough that organizational issues like membership management and recruitment, financial recordkeeping and liability exposure require a significant amount of volunteer resources: resources that we prefer to invest in trail work.


As a Chapter, CCCMB is under IMBA's 501c3 umbrella and is able to use IMBA's staff, technical resources and legal standing to lighten our organizational burdens. In return CCCMB splits membership dues with IMBA and has incorporated the IMBA logo with the CCCMB logo. However,any funds donated (not memberships) to CCCMB go directly to support local trail advocacy and are not shared with IMBA.


Oates Peak Completion Estimate: Early 2014



The reroute is two-thirds completed. The last 2.5 miles of trail will be constructed in early March 2013. The entire system will be opened to all trail users, including cyclists, around February, 2014. The year of rest will allow the trail bed to season and substantially increase its life and health.


Between March 2013 and February 2014, CCCMB volunteers will be needed to do various types of finish work on the trail and install signage.


In the meantime, the sections which have been completed are open to hikers in hopes that foot traffic will reduce the re-growth of vegetation in the trail bed. Equestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the new sections because they would irreparably damage the new tread (and because it remains illegal for bikes).

Wild Cherry Canyon:

the link between  MdO & Avila Beach


So far 16,082 hours of volunteer labor and $275,000 have been donated to help conserve Wild Cherry Canyon - a 2,400 acre coastal property near Avila Beach with sweeping views and incredible outdoor recreation possibilities.
It is expected that the fate of the WCC project will be determined sometime in early spring. There are two ways you can help ensure a positive outcome:
Time: We are working to establish 25,000 hours of volunteer pledges for the cause to help with ongoing maintenance and construction of the facilities which will be added to Montana de Oro State Park. To date, we have a combined total of over 16,082 hours which includes the matching-hours grant of 10,000 hours from CCCMB. To sign up for volunteer hours,email Kara Blakeslee with your name and how many hours you wish to contribute.

Individuals, corporations and businesses can help us reach our $1,000,000 goal by making a pledge or donation to the Wild Cherry Canyon Project.


Donate now to The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County to support the expansion of Montana de Oro State Park and open nearly 20 miles of coastal trails.

 Confessions of a Local Trail Builder


Return trailFirst time trail maintenance work: "What do I do with these tools and what do I do with the trail?"


After more trail work: "How cool that each of these tools has a specific job. If I do what was suggested, the trail will last longer and ride better."


Riding the trail after working on it: "I DID THIS. Yay me! I fixed that crumbly spot on the outside of the trail and it is holding up."


After seeing how other users damaged the same trail:  First thought: "Hey, don't' do that!"   Second thought: "Hmm, maybe they just don't know how to ride correctly." Third thought: "I can FIX that next time I work on this part and make it BETTER."


First time working in the rain: "This is miserable but I can see where the water is doing damage and can fix it RIGHT NOW. Maybe some better rain gear will help."


First time building NEW trail: "What are all those red and blue flags for? Who put them here and did they have to hike through all this brush? Why are they so curvy when a straight line is quicker to ride?This is hard work moving all this dirt and rocks!"


First time riding a NEW trail I helped build: "Wow, this is great! The curves are so fun to ride and they let the water run off the trail. All that hard work was worth it. I am glad I helped build this new trail! I hope it lasts a long time and everyone enjoys it. Now I want to learn how to design new trails."


While riding after 25 years of trail work: "I think about the work I have done as I pedal over all the trails in SLO county and remember working on almost every section and feel PROUD of the work I have accomplished. I hope I have inspired the same pride in anyone that has worked with me."



A long time CCCMB trail worker