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Riding in Wet Weather

Central Coast Trails and Wet Weather
"To ride or not to ride; that is the question

Thinking about riding on wet trails? Please think again. Due to the unique soil conditions on the Central Coast, our fragile trails are especially vulnerable after a moderate or heavy rain. Serious erosion and significant trail damage result when trail users get out on the trails too soon after wet weather.  Almost all of our trails need at least two days and often more time to dry out after a rain. 

We must all make conscious efforts to preserve the environment we ride in and honestly evaluate the trail conditions before going for a ride. FYI: erosion and trail damage are frequent reasons cited when trail closures come about. A perfect time to work on trails is after a rain when it's still too wet to ride.  If you're not sure what to do, come to a few CCCMB trail work days to find out!

"But, I really want to ride my bike.  It just rained--where can I go?"

If you like riding in the driving rain, the roads that run along the top of East and West Cuesta Ridge can handle mountain bike tires.  Fernandez Trail and other trails near Pozo also can be ridden in or soon after rain.  The Black Hill trails and most of the Montaña de Oro trails can handle bikes if we've only received a few hours of rain, but stay off of East Boundary: it will be muddy.  If there's been lots of rain, give the ground a chance to firm up and dry out before riding anywhere.