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Our History

CCCMB began simply as a group of cyclists coming together out of concern about a proposed closing of one of the Central Coast's gems, Montaña de Oro State Park, to mountain bikes. In 1987, amid rumors about the impending closure, we met with State Park staff and volunteered to work to repair erosion problems thought to be associated with mountain bike use on the trails. Since that initial contact, we've expanded our volunteer efforts to include many levels of trail maintenance and construction. As a direct result of our work, trails are still open to cyclists at Montaña de Oro State Park and elsewhere in our region. 

In 1989, we decided to organize formally as the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB). We did so to support and affiliate with the fledgling International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) and to give ourselves a cohesive presence here on our Central Coast home. We follow land access issues and try to prevent problems from developing to the point of closure by working with land-managers and by offering positive suggestions and ideas. 

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CCCMB Super Bowl Sunday Trail Work Day

    34 Years of Achievements.













































































































































































2019 - REI Grant $10,000

Used REI Grant to install two picnic tables and a tie rail on Canyon View in partnership with equestrian groups


Completed the new Canyon View Trail at MdO


Wilderness Input


Completed reroute of Duna Vista using cultural monitors for first time


CCCMB and other cyclists worked with FS to advocate for adoption of most popular Ridge trails as well as two new trails


FS initiates NEPA process focused on protecting resources by adopting some existing and new trails and gating the road above Shooters


Assisted SLO City rangers in flagging proposed new trail at Whale Rock reservoir

CCCMB volunteers worked ??????? in 2019



2018 - Poker Ride at Pismo Preserve

Fernandez Trail OHV Grant $10,000 complete NEPA analysis

FS announced it would begin a West Cuesta Ridge/Botanical Area public process

CCCMB volunteers worked ??????? in 2018



2017 - Received $20,000 OHV grant to complete NEPA on Fernandez Trail (to repair moto damage)

Met with FS to encourage pro-trail action on West Cuesta

Conducted a trail maintenance workshop taught by a professional trail builder (classroom and on site)

Organized the first CCCMB film festival

Advocated for appropriate after-dark hours of use for SLO City Open Space


Helped to construct the "M Trail" extension on San Luis Mountain as well as several short reroutes on Lemon Grove Loop


Proposed a new trail at MdO to Parks connecting Hazard Peak Trail with Reservoir Flats Trail and completed rough flagging


Continue working on Sapwi Trail


Consulted on proposed bike park in Arroyo Grande

Lobbied successfully to have a bike skills park, and a trailhead for access to West Cuesta Ridge included in the new master plan for El Chorro Regional Park



2016 - Completed the 11 mile trail system in the Pismo Preserve in 3 months (Jan. - March), with over 250 trail work volunteers


Began consulting with Santa Maria volunteers and Parks and Rec on trail system for Los Flores Ranch


Consulted on and helped build new trail in Arroyo grande Open Space


2015 - This year volunteers put in 9,072 hours of work on SLO County trails


Pismo Preserve Trail designed


Flagging of Pismo Preserve trails begun and completed


Continued work on Sapwi Trail


2014 - State Parks did a “change of use” allowing cyclists on the rerouted Oats Peak Trail.  Opened it to cyclists and equestrians in March.  It had been closed to cyclists since 1987.


Completed Wednesday Trail, aka: “Mine Loop Trail”, at Froom Ranch


Completed Old Prospector Trail (hiking only) at Froom Ranch


Completed rerouted “Mine Trail” at Irish Hills


Began construction of Ocean View Trail, aka: “Summit Trail”, at Froom Ranch


Donated over $11,000 (thru matching donations) to help acquire Pismo Preserve.


Began collaborating on Pismo Preserve trail designs with Land Conservancy of SLO County and others


Began process with State Parks of updating trails plan for Cerro Cabrillo


Elected new officers for the first time in about 20 years 


CCCMB volunteers worked 5,345 hours in 2014

2013- Held second “Carrot Fest Weekend" for equestrians, hikers & cyclists at MdO


Completed construction in March of the rerouted Oats Peak Trail and the hiker only Valencia Peak Trail.  Opened both to hikers.  


Completed machine construction of Willow Springs Trail 


Completed “Shutes and Ladders” Trail at Froom Ranch


Completed “Pond Loop Trail” at Froom Ranch


Morro Bay Bike Park accepted as a project of CCCMB


Began construction of Sapwi Trail at Santa Margarita Lake

CCCMB volunteers worked 7,498 hours in 2013



2012- Completed “Connector Trail” between Froom Ranch and Johnson Ranch


TrailWerks for Connector Trail had 150 volunteers report for duty in pouring rain.


Continued to support FASTA in creating new lines in the Eucs skills area. 


Began construction of the new Oats Peak Trail.


Used a machine for the first time to build trail.  Hired a professional trail builder to build Oats Peak Trail.


Began design process for Willow Springs Trail in the LPNF east of Santa Maria.


Built the Return Trail at the Eucs.


Completed 5% Trail at Froom Ranch – leading up from the creek.


Completed new Duna Vista Trail at Lopez Lake


Began process of extending Sapwi Trail at Santa Margarita Lake


Became an IMBA Chapter


CCCMB volunteers worked 6,784 hours in 2012

2011 - Supported FASTA in designing and constructing the first "technical" trail in the Eucs. It took 4 years to work through the process with SLO City and to do construction planning.

Designed the Return Trail at the Eucs and Elevator extension to connect with Return Trail


Designed and began construction of first trail on Froom Ranch


First CCCMB newsletter


First CCCMB Strategic Planning Session 


2010 - Laid out new Oates Peak trail system (in hopes of getting trails this trail system open to bikes for first time since 1986)


Designed and began construction of new Duna Vista Trail extension at Lopez Lake


Hired Hillride to kickoff FASTA Project


Designed and completed construction of the Froom Connector Trail in Irish Hills Open Space (with record 150 volunteers)

Instituted bike bell program at Montana de Oro and SLO City trails


Initiated Crew Leader Training Program


Initiated Regional Representative Program for nine trail networks


Designed major reroutes of parts of East Boundary and Ridge Trails in Montana de Oro


Hosted first Carot Fest, an equestrian, hiker, biker trail ride at Montana de Oro


Helped host and organize the California Trails and Greenways Conference



CCCMB named SLO City's "Volunteer of the Year" acknowledging our years of cooperation and volunteer efforts


2009 - CCCMB was instrumental in the Freeride and Sustainable Trails Association (FASTA) being given conditional permission to create a freeride area on SLO City property


Instituted very successful capacity building effort in the following areas: education; website; volunteer recruitment; regional crew leaders; expanded Board, etc.


Johnson Ranch Trail completed (Phase I of II)

Elevator Trail completed


Trail Design Workshop with Karl Knapp


CCCMB volunteers recorded 4,017 hours of trail work in 2009-10

2008 - Flagging of Johnson Ranch begun


Hazard Peak Trail completed


FASTA founded and receives CCCMB's endorsement and support


State Parks asks CCCMB to identify a route for the new Coastal Trail to Avila


Begin to explore route possibilities for a trail around Santa Margarita Lake


CCCMB begins to increase club capacity to accommodate a raft of new trail projects


Third CCCMB jersey issued


2007 - CCCMB celebrated its 20th anniversary at the 20th Super Bowl Sunday Workday


Adopted new CCCMB Logo


Flagging of Elevator trail begun


First cut of SLO City’s “M” trail;  "M" trail completed 


SLO City asks CCCMB to help lay out trail system on Johnson Ranch


2006 - State Parks/CCCMB Trails School initiated


Spring Trail Werks MdO (started Hazard Peak Trail) 


Fall Trail Werks (continue building Hazard Peak Trail) 


CCCMB flexes its political muscle and helps get the County’s Trail Plan adopted



2005 - Rode the trails



2004 - IMBA Trail guru visit: Nate & Rachael


Iinvited to join the Forest Service’s Los Padres Trails Committee


Flagging of Hazard Peak Trail begun


Spring Trail Werks, MdO (finished East Boundary reroute) 


Web site launched


Flagging of SLO City’s “M” trail begun


2003 - First Trail Werks, MdO (started East Boundary reroute) in spring


Prewitt Trail (twice-yearly work begins to make the 12 mile loop rideable)


Trail Werks, Irish Hills (built King Trail) in fall


2002 - Forest Service/CCCMB meeting to get West Cuesta Ridge Trails adopted


Meeting of Cuesta Ridge Alliance consisting of stakeholders (e.g., Poly, City, Forest Service, CCCMB)


Trail Daze, Cerra Cabrillo (major reroute of ridge) in spring


Trail Daze, Irish Hills (built Mariposa Trail) in fall



2001 - IMBA Trail guru visit: Joey Kline


Spring Trail Daze, Santa Margarita Lake (Sandstone Trail on north side of lake) 


Fall Trail Daze, Santa Margarita Lake (completed Sandstone) 



2000 - IMBA Trail guru visit: Curt Loheit


Spring Trail Daze, MdO (completed major reroute of Yedra Trail) 


Fall Trail Daze, Santa Margarita Lake (completed Rocky’s Trail) 


1999 - Spring Trail Daze, Santa Margarita Lake (start Rocky’s Trail) 


Camatta Ranch Campout; Trail Daze, Fernandez Trail in fall



1998 - Cerro Alto reroutes flagged (completed 2005)


Spring Trail Daze, Cerro Alto  


Rocky Canyon Trail in Atascadero (first official workday there)


Fall Trail Daze, Cerro Cabrillo  


Second CCCMB jersey issued



1997 - First Chris King Trail Daze – Fernandez Trail in fall


First IMBA Trail guru visit: Curt Loheit



1996 - Morning Glory opened after first official CCCMB workday


Fernandez Trail officially adopted by CCCMB


Mules used to haul decomposed granite to top of East Boundary trying to solve mud issue


First Trail Worker of the Year Award


Worked at Lopez Lake for 1st time



1995 - First Wheelman Club participation on a work day



1994 - August Highway 41 fire burns entire West Cuesta Ridge and clears 80 years of brush


Began route finding for what would become Morning Glory Trail



1993 - SLOBC makes first of many annual contributions which helped us purchase the first tools, bike hang-tags and maps


Tour of La Panza


Shooters cleanup day (filled a pickup truck and a big stake-side with trash & broken glass)


Barranca Trail begun (completed in 1994)


First workday at Santa Margarita Lake



1992 - First official CCCMB meeting


First CCCMB jersey issued


Poly Canyon Road reopened (thanks to Dave Arndt & CCCMB)


Poly Canyon singletrack reopened in ’94


Crested Butte expedition


1991 - Joined SLO County Trails Committee


Poly Canyon closed to mountain bikes



1990 - Rode the trails



1989 - Joined IMBA one year after the founding of this important mountain bike advocacy group


CCCMB Board of Directors, circa 1989: Dave Arndt, Gary McBride, Dale Wilhelm, Deanna Steen, Dave Richardson, Ron Dexter, Greg & Mary Bettencourt, John & Christie Cutter



1998 - First Super Bowl Sunday, worked East Boundary


First newsletter


1987 - Decided to form CCCMB (fall)


1986 - Joined State Parks Trails Committee


Negotiated to keep MdO open to bikes


First informal workday (spring)

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