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    The mission of Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is to expand the network of sustainable and enjoyable trails in SLO County and to maintain the trails currently in use. Since 1987, we have worked with California State Parks, the National Forest Service, San Luis Obispo City, and San Luis Obispo County in designing and building new trails and maintaining existing ones. 

    Help us keep the trails of SLO County open and fun to ride by joining us for trail work. Also, for good karma, be cool with others on the trail: always ride in control and don't run over people, animals or plants.

    "Trails aren't BORN - They're designed and built by volunteers - You and I"

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    --IMBA Trail Care Crew-- 
    Trail Building School Coming to the new Pismo Preserve

    Pismo Preserve

    On November 22 the IMBA Trail Care Crew will have a one day trail building school at the newly acquired Pismo Preserve.  The morning session will be from 9am - noon at the Ventana Grill, just across the freeway from the Pismo Preserve.   From 1-4pm the Trail Care Crew along with Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers and the Land Conservancy's  Naturalists will show how a bare hillside is transformed into a sustainable, multi-use trail.   The finer points of design, lay out, grade reversals, sustainable grade, rolling drain dips, dirt removal, back slope, out slope, tread compaction and finish tread will be covered in depth and demonstrated by the instructors.  This is an instructional class, not a day of dirt moving for the students.  But don't worry.  There will be plenty of dirt moving opportunities on the Pismo Preserve.  This is the day where we all get on the same page as to how we will build the new trails.

    Please eat breakfast before you come or enjoy a no-host breakfast at the Ventana Grill.  Lunch will be provided by CCCMB and be served at the Preserve.  Event t-shirts for all compliments of the Land Conservancy.
    Pismo Preserve
    Please go to the attached link to sign up.  Sign-ups are required since the room capacity at the Ventana Grill is, unfortunately, limited to 135.  All members of the trail community are invited.

    Recent Trail Workday - East Boundary Trail at MdO

    The last trail workday (Sunday, Sept. 21st), was spent widening "The Chutes" near the bottom of East Boundary Trail at MdO.  Volunteers clipped back the brush that has been overtaking the trail during the past year.  A big thank-you to all those who worked Sunday morning, so that everyone who rides the East Boundary Trail can enjoy it even more.

    Interesting Stats on "The Trails We Love"

    Here is a link to an interesting article about mountain bikers, flow trails and trail etiquette. (8-28-14)

    Pismo Preserve "A Done Deal"

    Thanks to all the hard work and local donations, the Pismo Preserve is now a "Done Deal".   The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County plans to sign the $12 million purchase agreement in early September and open the park to the public next summer.

    The property is currently an undeveloped ranch with 10 miles of ready-made roads and trails that will be available to hikers, cyclists and equestrians. The oak-studded ridge behind Pismo Beach and Shell Beach is included and offer beautiful coastline views.

    This preserve is being included in the CCCMB Trail Building Schedule for the upcoming "building season".  The schedule, currently undergoing final revisions, will be published soon. (8-28-14)

    Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2014/08/26/3213227/slo-county-supervisors-ok-funding.html#storylink=cpy

    CCCMB Receives "Favorite Charity" Award

    CCCMB recently receive a $2,000 award from KSBY in the FAVORITE CHARITY contest.  PG&E teamed up with KSBY to give several awards to various charities around the local area who received the most votes.  

    CCCMB would like to thank those who voted for our organization.  The money will be a welcome addition for the purchase of trail building equipment and support of the various endeavors that keep our trails open and free to all.

    Lighthouse Century Volunteering


    The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club is in need of about 250 volunteers to put on this years Lighthouse Century ride. 

    As a result of the changing demographics of their membership, they have asked CCCMB and other sister organizations for assistance. They are in need of volunteers capable of doing some heavy lifting to be part of many of their teams.   

    The SLOBC is looking for about 25 non-SLOBC members to volunteer for the Lighthouse Century ride on September 27, 2014.  All volunteers will receive a T-Shirt and an invitation to join them for the volunteer brunch on Sunday, September 26th  and volunteer bike ride (the Pre-Ride) on Saturday, September 20th.

    Information about the ride...
    Lighthouse Century information: http://slobc.org/lighthouse/

    To volunteer for a Lighthouse Century job, use this form: 

    If you have any questions, please contact:
    Will Benedict
    President, SLOBC
    Phone: 805-543-5973

    The Pismo Preserve - CCCMB Matching Donation

    The CCCMB trails community, cyclists, hikers and equestrians have an incredible opportunity. As you may know, the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County wants to purchase The Pismo Preserve, nearly 900 acres of undeveloped land on which it would create a public multi-use trail system (almost as big as Irish Hills and Froom combined!). The Conservancy needs our financial help to make this purchase and these trails a reality. CCCMB believes that this is literally a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we are asking you to donate generously to help make it happen.

    Consequently, CCCMB is donating up to $5,000 to this project in a matching pledge. We believe this opportunity is a game changing for access and trails in SLO County! [FYI, we have never before donated more than $500 for any land/trails acquisition.] We are asking you to make a matching donation so that, as a group, we can contribute at least $10,000 to this project.

    CCCMB - Pismo Preserve Matching Donation Page

    There is no doubt that this is history in the making. The Pismo Preserve will provide a significant trail system in South County that is close enough to Nipomo, SLO and points north to be easily accessible. This is a milestone because it says very clearly to local governments and business communities that people see multi-use trails as central to the quality of life in SLO County; and that providing trail opportunities is important.

    Oats Peak Trail is OPEN to bikers in M.d.O. 

    The Oats Peak trail is now open to bikes, hikers and horses in the Montana de Oro State Park.  It is the second highest summit in MDO with both ocean and mountain views.  It offers a 10.8 mile round trip to the peak and back on a trail designed with mountain bikers in mind.  The 5.4 mile gradual ascent gains 1,325 feet of elevation with LOTS of panoramic views.

    The old and new trails crisscross, but bike ways are clearly marked.  The last 1/2 mile of the trail has not been improved and it a challenge for bikers with a probably "push" up and a "fun" ride down.  The 360 degree view from the top is spectacular and well worth the push.

    Montaña de Oro State Park Map