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Our Spring 2018 e-Newsletter

So far, this season - Volunteers have worked 2007 hours!

Spring/Summer 2018

CCCMB Trail Work Schedule 

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Important Bond Measure Affecting Local Trails...

2018 Park Bond/Proposition 68 
This bond measure, which is going on the June 5th ballot, is the first park bond since 2002. When looking at the website (, your first thought may be “this is all about water!”. But think of it this way: “Water” is the BOB trailer and “Trails and Parks” are the tools in the trailer! 

For a list of where the funding would be assigned, go to 
the webpage,
     - then choose the Get Involved page, 
     - next, under under Supporter Toolkit
       click the Prop. 68 Investment Priorities”            

This bond measure includes $218 million to repair and improve state parks, $50 million for forest restoration – which could be used in the fire damaged areas of Sonoma, Napa, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. 

CCCMB is a strong supporter of this bond measure and could use your support.  We encourage you to research the potential benefits of this measure and vote as you believe is appropriate in the June election.