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Campout & Trail Work Day
Saturday & Sunday April 23-24

CCCMB campout and trail work is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 23-24.

 - Arrive anytime after 3:00 PM on Saturday. At the entrance station to the park, tell the ranger you are with the CCCMB trail volunteers and you will receive free entrance and camping.They will direct you to the Shoshone campsite in Camp French group camp or Black Bear campsite for equestrians.

 - Spend the afternoon hiking, biking, or riding your horse. Hot showers are available.

 - Pizza dinner at 6:00 PM will be provided by a generous donation from SLOPOST. Potluck additions of salad, dessert, or vege/fruit plate are welcome.

 - BYOB for beverages and breakfast.

 - Sunday morning trail work will begin at 9:00 AM at the Shoshone campsite and we will leave the park no later than 12:00 PM.

 - Three options available for trail work include: 1/4 mile hike to Duna Vista trailhead to clean and widen the first 1/3 mile of the trail with mild poison oak; ride your bike or horse 3 1/2 miles to Duna Vista spur to trim brush with mild poison oak; or drive to Cougar campground to clean a short section of Cougar trail with no poison oak.

 - We will provide the necessary tools. Wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, sun hat, sunglasses, work shoes, and gloves.

 - Questions to enelsonpt@gmail.com

On-Going "Weekly" Trail Work Schedule

Consider joining our "on-going" trail work groups below:




Lopez Lake

TUESDAY -  Trail Crew at Lopez Lake 

Tuesday morning at 8:30AM January though May.  

Meet at the ranger entrance station. Tools will be provided and volunteers can walk or ride their bike to the work site. 


NOTE: Entrance fees will be waived for volunteers. 

For more information contact crew leader Eric: enelsonpt@gmail.com for work sight location and times.




Pismo Preserve

THURSDAY -  Trail Crew at the Pismo Preserve

Thursday morning at 8:30AM January though May

Meet at the main parking lot on the Preserve just off Mattie Rd in Shell Beach.

Tools will be provided.  Volunteers can walk or ride their bikes to the work site depending on the days job.

Contact crew leader Steve steveL95gm@gmail.com to join the email notification list for work site locations.






FRIDAY -  Trail Work Group

- Hitting the Hot Spots in the State Parks at Cerro Cabrillo and Montana de Oro Trails


Every Friday is a different location in need of a quick fix.

Come out and join this casual working group for good camaraderie and to get some needed trail work done.

Contact crew leader Paul@cccmb.org to join the email notification list for work sight time and locations.



of Every


3-6 pm

FIRST SUNDAY -  Work Crew at Morro Bay Bike Park

Morro Bay Bike Park work days are the first Sunday of the month from 3-6 and we encourage you to bring your own tools if possible. We welcome your help for as little or as much time as you can. Every little bit helps.


NOTE: For more information contact Bonnie at:   MorroBayBikePark@gmail.com

Please Note: All CCCMB work crew volunteers must read and sign the following:

Volunteer Worker Release Form which will be kept on file by CCCMB for one year. 



Past Events

archived: Trail Work Day at Montaña de Oro

February 2nd, 2019

Superbowl Sunday


We will be working to brush, and repair many trail section of MdO. Light breakfast provided! 


WHERE: Meet at the Spooner Cove ranch house. at 8am.  We know it's early and breakfast coffe/snacks will be provided.  We will be finished around 1pm with plenty of time until kickoff.

WHAT:  Lots of trails in MdO are in need of brushing.  Others need drain repairs and several switchback areas need strengthening.


BRING:  Bring your friends and family. Don't forget to wear gloves, long sleeves and long pants, and sturdy shoes. Water, snacks and sunscreen may also be needed.  We should finish around noon to 1pm.  The public is welcome.


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Duna Vista Trail - One day completion!

Around 40 volunteers showed up early on Sunday, May 5th, to ride to the far side of Lopez Lake to build a brand new bypass for the Duna Vista Trail.  Some rode bikes, some rode 

horses and others came by boat across the lake with the help of local Park Rangers.  This dig was being monitored by two archeologists and a representative from the Chumash Tribe because the bypass was crossing an area known for past occupation by Native Americans. 


After a short briefing on what artifacts to watch for and a quick training session on how to make bench-cuts a side slope, the group set to work on a four switch-back trail toward the top of the hill.  Some groups dug bench cuts while others followed up with rough trimming as they wound their way to the top.  Within two hours from starting, the trail was cut all the way up.  Lunch was then provided by the Atascadero Horsemen with sandwiches, chips, and drinks, and a raffle was