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      The Eucs Bike Skills Area

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More details and pictures returning soon.


Directions:  How to get there!


From below - Drive up Stenner Creek Rd. (off Highway 1), to the gate at the end.  Go through the gate and up the dirt road a few hundred feet.  At the farmhouse, turn right at the bridge across the creek.  Go through the gate and turn left up through the eucalyptus grove.  Follow the road for another 100 ft and go through the gate and follow the single track trail directly ahead.  The "Stenner Creek Trail" will wind around the creek up to the railroad tracks (another gate).  Cross the tracks and through another gate, then follow the single track "Elevator Trail" up to the large Eucalyptus grove where the Eucs Bike Skills Area resides (see map above).


From Above- Park at the top of Cuesta Grade (just off Highway 101).  Either walk, ride or drive up to the top of the "Shooters Trail" (see West Cuesta Ridge map here).  Hike or walk down Shooters to the large eucalyptus grove where the Eucs Bike Skills Area resides (see map above)

Eucs Skills Area Map

Click image for larger map

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