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Morro Bay Bike Park

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The Morro Bay Bike Park was designed to incorporate many different aspects of bike riding that include pump track, dirt jumps, mountain bike skills area and berms. The park was designed for all ages and skill levels and provides a safe and fun atmosphere for all riders.

There is no charge for riding in this community park so come out and join your friends and neighbors and improve your bike skills.

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Our Goal

The goal of the Morro Bay Bike Park is to be a safe and sanctioned park for all ages and skill levels to come out and have fun. 

For more information, contact Bonnie:

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MBBP is a community supported and volunteer maintained bike park. If you ride it, please help maintain it!  Help out where you can.

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Donate Directly to MBBP

This donation is earmarked and goes directly to benefit and improve the 

Morro Bay Bike Park.  Funds are used to rent equipment, buy tools and pay for materials for improvements!


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MBBP History  


In early February of 2013, the idea for a Morro Bay Bike Park was posted on Facebook and the process began.  Ideas were shared and brought to the first City Council Meeting during the Public Comment portion on February 26th.


During that first meeting, speakers Alex Kachlakev, Jordon Smith and Emily Gacad, told of the need for this type of recreation venue and how it could be a tourist destination point in Morro Bay.  With the support of Scott Milligan, Sam Rodriguez and many others, they were able to get on the agenda of the Recreation and Parks Department on March 21st.


With the Rec & Parks commission showing support for the project, a Morro Bay Bike Park Group was formed, and locations were narrowed down.  By the middle of April, 2013, an established biking group was needed so that an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) could be signed with the City of Morro Bay and the permit and planning process could begin.  That group was CCCMB (Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers).  After a brief three minute discussion at the City Council meeting, the Bike Park was approved 5-0.


Fund raising began during June and July with a community garage sale held on August 17th of 2013 at The Good Flea second hand store in Morro Bay.   This was followed by raffle ticket sales at Albertson's and the SLO Farmers Market for bikes and bike gear.  With the help of many sponsors, a fundraising dinner was held at the Wee Shack on Nov. 4th  


The first layout design was completed by Action Sport Construction on Nov. 6th and posted on Facebook for public comment.  Soon after, the permit process was begun and supporters were notified that this would be a slow time in the process as the paperwork started to move.


The Latest:  On Oct. 21st of 2014, representatives from the Morro Bay Bike Group and the City of Morro Bay Parks and Rec Department met with CCCMB for an update of the project.  After discussion of how the Bike park would be maintained and supported, an MOU was completed and given to CCCMB for comment before submitting to the City of Morro Bay.

And so, the rest is history!                                                                                                       (summarized by Gary Bissell, CCCMB Webmaster)

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