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Trail Work Day at Lopez Lake

CCCMB Support Member

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Reasons Why People Join CCCMB

  • To support CCCMB - IMBA trail advocacy, trail building and trail maintenance

  • Because you love using trails whether mountain biking, on horseback, hiking or trail-running and want to live in a "trail friendly" community and nation.

  • To keep informed and have a voice in trail access issues

  • To support the work that IMBA is doing at the national level.

  • To enjoy a variety of IMBA member benefits.

  • To have the satisfaction of knowing you're doing your part to help.

  • Because you appreciate the effort and skill of those individuals who work the trails you ride, and know that joining CCCMB-IMBA makes it easy to meet and work with those folks on common goals.

  • Because you want to continue to using the trails in SLO County on your bike, horse or feet.

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