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Donate Directly to CCCMB

Would you like to make a contribution toward NEW TRAILS in SLO County? 

Consider A Donation.

These new trails benefit hikers, bikers, trail runners and equestrians.  

Your donation helps CCCMB create sustainable, multi-use trails for everyone to enjoy! 


Those donated funds will go directly toward local trail advocacy and are not shared with IMBA.  

They are not a part of the CCCMB/IMBA membership.



People Donate to CCCMB Because...

  • They want their donation to be used entirely on SLO County trails.

  • They love using trails whether mountain biking, on horseback, hiking or trail running and want to live in a "trail friendly" community

  • They believe trails are essential to maintaining the rural nature of SLO County and they want to see the rural quality of their region preserved for future generations

  • They want to keep informed and have a voice in trail access issues in SLO community

  • They appreciate the effort and skill of those individuals who work the trails they ride, and know that joining CCCMB makes it easy to meet and work with those folks on common goals.

  • They want to continue using the trails in SLO County on their bike, horse or feet.


Your Donation Is Tax Deductible

CCCMB is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All contributions to CCCMB are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the law. Our tax identification number is #46-0813300. Because CCCMB is an all-volunteer organization every dollar of donated money goes for things like tools, bells, construction materials and communications expenses.


Donations are separate from a membership with CCCMB - IMBA

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