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Duna Vista Trail, unlike Rome, WAS built in a day!

Around 40 volunteers showed up early on Sunday, May 5th, to ride to the far side of Lopez Lake to build a brand new bypass for the Duna Vista Trail.  Some rode bikes, some rode 

horses and others came by boat across the lake with the help of local Park Rangers.  This dig was being monitored by two archeologists and a representative from the Chumash Tribe because the bypass was crossing an area known for past occupation by Native Americans.  After a short briefing on what artifacts to watch for and a quick training session on how to make bench-cuts a side slope, the group set to work on a four switch-back trail toward the top of the hill.  Some groups dug bench cuts while others followed up with rough trimming as they wound their way to the top.  Within two hours from starting, the trail was cut all the way up.  Lunch was then provided by the Atascadero Horsemen with sandwiches, chips, and drinks, and a raffle was held to give away some swag provided by local bike shops and restaurants.  After lunch, the group started back down from the top, completing the trail with finish work and bermed corners.  What was supposed to be a two-day build was completed in a little over 4 hours. 


CCCMB wishes to thank all the enthusiastic trail runners, equestrians, mountain bikers and hikers who came out and did a great job!

The trail will be open to use later this season.


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